Trump’s ally, Steve Bannon, surrenders to FBI

Trump's ally, Steve Bannon, surrenders to FBI

Friday was charged twice with negligence: for refusing to appear to testify and for refusing to provide documents in response to the commission subpoena.

“We are overthrowing the Biden administration. I want you to focus. This is just bullshit,” he said before handing himself over.

The judge is expected to hear him later this Monday.

U.S. law enforcement wants to file a lawsuit against Steve Bannon

In October, the Democratic majority passed a resolution in favor of Bannon by 229 votes – nine of them Republicans – against 202, urging the Justice Department to take action against Trump’s former strategist.

Steve Bannon Before Returning to the FBI on November 15, 2021 – Photo: Jimberg / Reuters

When Trump convenes a congressional meeting to acknowledge President Joe’s election victory, the Commission of Inquiry wants Bannon to testify, believing he “knew in advance of the extreme events that took place” when Trump instigated a riot. The protest soon turned into a coup attempt against the legislature as the Congress attacked the building.

U.S. federal judge rejects Trump's request to keep secret proceedings leading to capital invasion

U.S. federal judge rejects Trump’s request to keep secret proceedings leading to capital invasion

On the eve of the Capitol attack, Bannon made statements on his podcast: “Will there be anarchy tomorrow? Many have told me, ‘If there is a revolution, it will be in Washington.’ Well, this is going to be your time in history, ”Banan told his followers.

Bannon used a rejected argument

Bannon was backed by a lawsuit filed by Trump to prevent the disclosure of certain documents related to the events. He asked the committee to adjourn his appearance until the court decides what to do with Trump’s action, but his request was denied.

In 2016, Bannon was chosen as one of the main strategists in the avalanche of rumors and lies that fueled Trump’s successful campaign of bitterness from areas of conservative voters on issues such as immigration.

Bannon Bolsonaro, a former banking and media executive who once ran the far-right website Breitbart News, also has close ties to the family, especially far-right deputy Eduardo Bolzonaro, who is often praised by Americans.

He has already given informal consultancy to the Brazilian race and announced his support for Jair Bolsonaro ahead of the 2018 second round of elections.

Steve Bannon surrenders to FBI on November 15, 2021 – Photo: Kevin Lamarck / Reuters

That’s it This is not the first time That Bannon was arrested. In August 2020, he was arrested on charges of embezzling money from a campaign to support the construction of a wall between the United States and Mexico.

At the time, he was released from prison on $ 5 million bail.

The “We Build That Wall” campaign raised $ 25 million (approximately $ 142 million), with millions of people donating.

According to the Justice Department, at least $ 1 million (approximately $ 5.64 million) would go to Bannon himself, who used the money for his other organizations or for himself.

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