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Kim Tate of Emerdale to kill Belle and Andrea while helping Jamie to get revenge?

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Emerdale fans are convinced that death will soon come to Dales following a twist involving Belly Dingle and Jamie Tate.

The moment Andrea Tate exposed her ex-Jamie to crime this week, Moira Dinglin chased her and left her dead in a hit and run.

Bell, Jamie’s new boyfriend, knew the truth, and despite being the Moira family, she kept her secret and stayed with him.

But it was part of her plan to bring him down, and her nephew joined Nate Robinson in revenge.

The plan came to light on Thursday after police were called in to find evidence linking him to the crime.

Emerdale fans think Kim Tate will kill Andrea and Belle

He was arrested by police but was released hours later in a shocking manner.

While suspecting bail, Moira, Belle and Andrea could not believe they were out so quickly.

At the end of the double episode, Jamie confronts Andrea and blackmails her to secure her freedom.

Emerdale fans rejoice at the arrest of Jamie Tate

He told her that if she did not give him an alibi, he would take her with him.

If the fans are right this could be her least problem.

Jamie’s villain’s mother, Kim Tate, returns to Dale soon, and some predict she’s going to kill Andrea – and she’s going to kill Belle too.

Emerald fans fear Andrea could be in danger

Kim actress Claire King recently joked that she would seek revenge on Andrea, and now fans think the women who overtook Jamie are in danger.

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A fan said on Twitter: “Kim will be completely gone in the 90s. I can not wait for King.”

Another said: “Kim is coming home to kill women.”

Will Belle regret turning on Jamie?

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The third added: “Is Kim going to take revenge if Jamie actually goes down? Not just Belle, but Andrea.”

Meanwhile, another said: “If I miss Kim’s return, I’m not going out next week.”

Emerdale airs the weekend on ITV on Thursday nights at 8pm with an additional episode.

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