The operation of the Pak nuclear plant unit in Armenia has been extended for another five years

The operation of the Pak nuclear plant unit in Armenia has been extended for another five years

Renovation of Unit 2 at the nuclear power plant near the city of McCormore began 6 years ago in 2015, and since then the authorities have done a lot of work to increase safety, inspect and replace equipment, and allow the unit to grow. Capacity 15%. Reminiscent of Rosat. One of the most important tasks performed at a nuclear power plant was the heat treatment of the reactor vessel, which restored the metal to 85% of its original state after the mechanical properties of the metal alloy vessel wall changed during operation. To a continuous neutron flux.

Following the completion of the works and the completion of the expansion project, on November 16, 2021, Alexei Likachov, CEO of the Russian State Nuclear Power Group Rosatom, visited the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant and emphasized on other issues. Armenian Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 International requirements and nuclear plant will continue to be supplied to Armenia.

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Gnell Sanosyan, Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, said in connection with the event that the Armenian nuclear power plant played a vital role in ensuring national energy security and independence and that it was no exaggeration to say that this project was one of them. Key priorities of Armenia. He stressed that Armenia will not stop upgrading its nuclear power plant and aims to extend its lifespan by another 10 years after 2026, and plans to build a new nuclear power plant in the country.

In this regard, based on the research and studies conducted by experts at Rosatom, the communication indicates that the technical parameters of Unit 2 of the nuclear power plant will be allowed to operate for another 10 years after 2026. The Armenian Nuclear Power Plant is the only nuclear power plant in the Caucasus that provides more than a third of Armenia’s electricity. Armenia has a unique experience in operating a nuclear power plant.

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It should be noted that In September And in Hungary Raised publicly In addition, a 10-year extension of the existing four Pak units, which will expire between 2032 and 2037, and the former CEO of MVM He drew his sword, But later in Parliament in October, Prime Minister Victor Orban Clarified, Will not consider extending the Pax I runtime, but only the new extension of Paks II. Investment. Regarding the last investment of the last few days Important newsPax II had applied for a construction license for the reactor tanks of two new nuclear power plants. Zrt. To the National Atomic Energy Agency.

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