Kena Timvision on the home page of the Kena Mobile website, with all the details on offer –

Kena Timvision on the home page of the Kena Mobile website, with all the details on offer -

On the home page of The official official site of Kena Mobile, From August 5, 2021, this next offer is advertised Kena Timish, And a Monthly data bundle Allows you to get a soccer and sports promo DAZN, Infinity + for 12 months E Timish.

In the coming months, l A banner appeared on Kena’s website You are allowed to register TIMVISION Newsletter, Leave to contact their data as soon as the offers start.

Starting From 29 July 2021, Instead, TIM Allows you to activate the basic offer Timish Calcio e Sport And on its second brand SIM cards Got the mobile, MondoMobileWeb As already expected.

Site banner and dedicated page

Day Today is August 5, 2021, As already mentioned, the virtual operator promotes the offer on its official website through a banner on the home page. Still, at the moment Can only be activated on Participating resellers Way Customer Service 181.

By clicking on the banner, in fact, only one can be accessed Info page Here are some details of the current promo available Kena Timvision Until August 16, 2021 Subject to change.

Bundles including Kena Timish

The new offer is valid for everyone New customers It contains, with or without portability Timish 99 6.99 per month (including Eurosport player for the first 12 months), DAZN 29.99 euro per month Infinity + 99 7.99 per month (For the first 12 months only, it will automatically deactivate).

In addition, it distributes 1G per month of 4G data traffic, 1KB upfront rate with a maximum download speed of 60 Mbps and 30 Mbps upload.

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In addition to the national area, the Internet traffic provided by Kena TIMVISION is valid In EU countries, only up to 3G.

Monthly and activation prices are included in the offer

For subscriptions from 29 July 2021 to 16 August 2021, the monthly cost of the Kena Mobile Offer is the same 0 Euro 2021 until 31 August, Then becomes equal 29.99 euros per month For 12 months, the end passes 34.99 euros per month.

Given the Kena TIMVISION period Activation And maintenance Service of Automatic recharge, Provides a top-up for an amount equal to the monthly cost of the offer within 24 hours of renewal.

However, by deactivating this service or the payment instrument connected to it, The offer itself was deactivated.

There is an activation cost with Kena TIMVISION 55.99 Euros, Containing an advance payment 19.99 Euros (Charged from your credit card) and an amount 36 euros. The latter should be paid in 12 monthly installments 3 euros per month Each Already included At the monthly cost of the offer.

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Got the mobile

Kena Mobile SIM Details

The SIM mobile received Used to cover the monthly renewal of the package with the offer, but the content included by Kena Timvision can be used on any other mobile network and fixed network.

In case you are using a SIM provided by Kena Mobile, you need an option with sufficient data bundle to utilize the content included in the offer. By default, Piano base hit, Pay-per-use tariff for the second brand of TIM.

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In this regard, the Kena Basic plan offers a connection fee of 35 euros per minute for all national numbers, 25 euros per SMS and 50 euros for internet based consumption. in advance.

You will receive it every month via Kena TIMVISION 1 giga data traffic, The pay-in-go internet rate provided by the plan is not applicable.

The end of the giga in question, surfing the internet Blocked, Except for additional data options on the mobile line.

Information about the Timing Box and DAZN content is not included

Unlike TIMVISION offers for TIM Fixed Network customers and TIMVISION Calcio and Sport offers for TIM mobile network customers, Decoder on offer suggested by Kena Mobile Timing box Not included.

In fact, in the pre-contract information of Kena Timvision, regardless of the provisions of Articles 2.1 and 6.3 “General Terms of Timvision Subscription Offer with Loan Decoder“, Offer The distribution of the Kena Timvision Timvision box is unpredictable And the TIMVISION service is indefinite.

As for subscriptions to DAZN, you can watch some live sports events like Serie A TIM, The B series, Some matches in the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Conference League, thematic channels of Inter and Milan, Spanish League La Liga, English Football League, South American football matches for club teams, US Football Championship, MotoGP, Moto 2, Moto 3 , US IndyCar Automobile Championship, NFL American Football, Boxing, MMA.

Kena customer will get the newly activated SIM Registration link to TIMVISION, DAZN and Infinity +.

With TIMVISION you can register up to 5 devices, of which up to 2 can view simultaneously and up to 6 devices up to DAZN, with up to 2 simultaneously viewing, you can have up to 5 devices (up to a maximum of 9 a year) in MediaSet Infinity (with Infinity + up to 2) Can be viewed simultaneously until.

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What happens in the event of a withdrawal

In case of withdrawal Before completing the 12 monthly installments as the activation fee, the customer needs it Payment of remaining installments, Unless they are explicitly asked to pay in a single solution, an automatic top-up service will be charged from the activated credit card (or any other payment method indicated by Kena).

Offers and services (exclusive for 12 months only) except Infinity + and Eurosport Player are indefinite unless terminated for a valid reason. In the latter case, Got the mobile The customer will be notified within 30 days as per current restrictions.

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