The Hubble Space Telescope stared at this magnificent galaxy for nine hours

The Hubble Space Telescope stared at this magnificent galaxy for nine hours

Astronomers worked hard to get this galaxy glamor shot.

“It’s not easy to look good,” NASA wrote Friday. “30 different exposures, a total of nine hours of observation time, and Hubble’s high resolution and clarity are needed to produce an image of such high level of detail and beauty.”

This is the Galaxy NGC 5643, some are located 60 million Light years from Earth. It is a Milky Way-like spiral galaxy with spiral arms at its center. The center of the galaxy is very bright because it contains clusters of stars.

(In our Milky Way, the The Sun is located in one of the outer galaxies.)

Spiral Galaxy NGC 5643 Hubble captured.

Image: ESA / NASA / A. Riess et al. / Recognition: Mahdi Samani

The Hubble Space Telescope orbits the Earth’s atmosphere, allowing us to capture clear images of galaxies and planets without being distorted by the gases in our atmosphere. Hubble has been orbiting the Earth for more than three decades Traveled more than 4 billion miles. It works from the sun.

NASA’s Next Generation Space Telescope The James Webb Space Telescope is expected to be launched into space by the end of 2021. This is too big, Twice the size of Hubble’s mirror. James Web will delve into the oldest depths in the universe.

“It will study every phase of our universe’s history, from the first glare after the Big Bang to the formation of solar systems capable of supporting life on Earth – like planets, to the evolution of our own solar system.” NASA explained.

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