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Joe Biden says the NII peace process must be protected

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Joe Biden’s foreign policy adviser said the Democratic presidential candidate is committed to maintaining the peace and stability that has worked so hard in Northern Ireland.

In a tweet responding to the latest Brexit developments, Biden’s adviser Anthony Blinken wrote: “As the UK and the European Union improve their relations, any arrangement should protect the Good Friday agreement and prevent a return to the strict border.”

It comes amid concerns about the UK government’s plans to introduce a new bill to repeal elements of the Brexit deal with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis told MPs in the House of Commons that legislation should be enacted to ensure that Northern Ireland can continue to have unrestricted access to markets in other parts of the UK. International law is being violated “in a very clear and limited way.”

Democrat Congressman Richard Neal, chairman of the U.S. Representative Ways and Means Committee, has called on both sides in the Brexit talks to uphold the terms of their joint agreement, especially with regard to the treatment of Northern Ireland.

The Ways and Means Committee will oversee future US-UK trade deals.

“The Good Friday Agreement must protect any trade agreement in the UK and any trade agreement between the UK and the EU left the EU later this year, which has kept the peace and prosperity of the British and European peoples since 1998,” said Congressman Neil.

“I sincerely hope that the British Government will uphold the rule of law and fulfill the commitments made during the Brexit talks, especially on Irish border protocols,” he added.

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This is not the first time Biden and other senior Democrats have supported the Northern Ireland peace process.

Last month, the Biden campaign held a virtual rally for Irish-American voters. Democrat Congressman Brendan Boyle said at the event that the Brexit process endangered peace and justice in Ireland.

“Fortunately we have a lot of allies on Capitol Hill. The Oval Office is a non-allied place,” said Congressman Boyle.

“How exciting Joe Biden’s will be this January. Get someone who supports the Good Friday agreement and wants to protect it. Someone who does not deliberately promote Brexit regardless of cost,” he added.

Last November, while campaigning for the Democratic nomination, Biden said that Northern Ireland was very concerned about the peace process and would put pressure on Britain to ensure that it does not return to the hard border after Brexit.

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