Ibanez wants to bring the web summit to DF

Ibaneis irá a Lisboa para apresentar o potencial de Brasília para receber o evento -

Posted on 10/26/2021 9:37 AM / Updated 10/26/2021 9:38 AM

Ibanis travels to Lisbon to demonstrate Brasilia’s ability to host the event –

Brasilia may host the biggest event Technology and innovation Around the world from 2023. The event, known as the Web Summit, will take place next month in Lisbon, Portugal, with Governor Ibanez Rocha (MDB) heading to the country so that Brasilia can host the Web Summit for at least five years.

The owner of the federal capital, Brasilia Technological Park (Biotic), is competing with Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre for the conference’s fourth world headquarters. The Web summit has already visited Hong Kong, China, Toronto, Canada, and now the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. After the meeting with the GDF in Lisbon, the directors of the event will arrive in the capital to learn and evaluate the structure of the event.

Among the attractions that make Brasilia stand out in the government’s assessment are qualified security, the airport hub of President Giuseppe Cubit‌chek International Airport and a centralized hotel chain with four- to five-star accommodation.

“This visit is intended not only to bring a conference of this size to Brasilia, which will already be plentiful, but also to present the full potential of our technology park, which will generate huge investment in our antibiotic factories,” the Governor explains. .


This year’s edition in Portugal is expected to bring together at least 40,000 visitors, including technicians and investors, within three days in November. Executive directors of large startups such as Uber, Stripe and Weiss will also attend. The main reason for the success of the Web Summit is the financial impact of the event, which is the largest event in the country.

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Economic impact

It was only in 2017 that the Portuguese government calculated Annual movement More than € 300 million, R $ 1,977 billion. Several partners, including Google, Amazon, Mercedes, Pipedrive, Revolut, Cloudflare and BMW, have decided to set up operations in the country. Tourism was able to set aside around 1. 200 million and approximately 3 1.318 billion for the fair’s weekly flights, including shopping, food, tours and accommodation.

“In addition to stimulating the economy, an event of this size gives us visibility, so many companies are recognizing the potential of our capital, investing here, creating jobs and earning more as a result,” Ibanez points out.

As it focuses on innovations in biotechnology and information and communication technology, antibiotics will become a major hub. Scientific, technological and innovative development of DF. 95.9 hectares of terracop property is available for the event, with the potential to expand into the Granja do Torto.

The site is expected to have 7,600 jobs, 9,500 residents, 794 companies and more than 2,000 co-working stations (co-operative activities) on site, making it a smart city where people can live, study and work in one place.


To host the event, the secretariats of the federal districts operate in a cohesive accent. Gilvan Maximo, head of the Department of Science and Technology, said: “Brasilia Technological Park is becoming a reality by abandoning paper. The World Summit is set to draw the world’s attention to the federal district by attracting investment for the smart city we are about to build as one of Latin America’s technology and innovation hubs, similar to Silicon Valley in the United States. States “, details.

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Renata Suquin, Secretary of International Relations, points out that the initiative will be able to attract thousands of visitors and create large-scale business to expand Brasilia’s potential. Economic Development Secretary Marcio Faria also justified the assessment. “Brasilia’s geographical location facilitates the reception of people from all over the country, and the well – organized international airport strengthens our potential for tourists from other parts of the world.

* With information from the Brasilia Agency

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