How Russia uses show trials to punish Putin’s enemies – Reuters

How Russia uses show trials to punish Putin's enemies - Reuters

In a February 24 speech announcing the occupation, Putin suggested such experiments. “We will try to militarize and neutralize Ukraine, and bring to justice those who have committed bloody crimes against civilians,” he said.

Although the Kremlin did not issue a directive, that talk was enough for the bureaucracy to take action and hold further trials, said Ivan Pavlov, a prominent human rights lawyer for defendants targeting security services. He left the country last year after they started following him.

“Russian courts are no longer associated with the judicial bodies of a democratic state,” Pavlov said. “They are not guided by law, but only by political motives and political motives.”

Show trials are part of a routine court process that takes place in ordinary courtrooms before judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. Despite all the official glitches, the result was never unexpected.

Testing members of the Azov brigade can serve multiple political purposes. Mr Putin claims to have overthrown some of the “Nazi” oppressors who misrepresented Ukraine as ruling.

“One would assume that the so-called Nazis are seeking a show trial to prove that the invasion of Ukraine was real,” Novikov said.

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