Note, this new text may empty your bank account

Arnaque au téléphone : Attention ce nouveau texto peut vider votre compte bancaire

The happier cyber criminals are, the more time they spend on our smartphones! The Objeko team invites you to discover this new SMS scam that is affecting more and more French people of all ages. Follow our instructions carefully to avoid any problems!

Cybercrime: Crime is on the rise

Cybercrime is on the rise! Since the advent of digital technologies, sorcerers have sought to extort money from their victims by exploiting security breaches. They use all their tricks to achieve their goals and stop doing nothing!

The democratization of computers and mobile phones has seen a resurgence of interest in these fraudulent techniques from criminals. Smartphones are the perfect platform for all kinds of scams. Fraudulent calls, hacked SMS, false promises, everything goes! The main target of its perpetrators is definitely the elderly who are more likely to fall into the trap. However, no one is defending! From teenagers to adults, everyone is very attentive and trapped at one time or another.

Millions of scandals are reported in France every year. Objeco had warned you some time ago against this kind of deceptive behavior. The thieves arrived under the guise of home delivery companies. In the midst of an epidemic, and with the great leap in the supply of goods and services at the time of control, these scandals flourished! We now warn you against a new plague coming at a very high speed on our good old hexagon.

This SMS scam will cost you a lot!

SMS scams are a favorite of criminals who want your money. Of course, on our computers, antiviruses are already integrated, and many French people use additional protections. They still exist when it comes to phone scams. However, setting them up is more complicated and expensive. The French are also wary of these calls coming from suspicious numbers or asking for sensitive information.

Texting is ideal for most smartphone users as they do not have virus protection on their device. Therefore, they are very susceptible to infection. Like the SMS scam of people pretending to be a delivery service, it adopts a similar concept. This time the criminals are pretending to be a banking institution. They will ask you to click on a link in the SMS, which will be sent to you on the bank’s website. However, the link actually downloads a virus to your smartphone. It can affect you without you knowing it. Like many French people, if you have a banking application, it may well be affected! Cybercriminals have access to all your sensitive data Bank accounts. They can pull you off so easily without you even knowing it!

What if you were the victim of an SMS scam?

If you find yourself falling victim to such a scam, act fast! First, stop using your phone. Objeko advises you to go through your computer to change all your passwords and order a new SIM card. If your money has been stolen from you, you should file a complaint with the nearest police station as soon as possible! You should also contact your bank to prevent suspicious transactions. With a properly registered complaint, you can get your money back.

If you receive a suspicious text message and have not yet clicked on the link, you can trace its origin for free. Objeco recommends the online platform 33700, Allows you to track the source of any phone number. Suspicious numbers can be reported online to prevent others from falling into the trap. You can use the same platform, or go to the site Signal spam, Is a platform that lists all scams via email or SMS. Being cheated by an SMS is not something to be ashamed of, it can happen to anyone! The Objeco team hopes that these tips will help you get out of this situation quickly.

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