Guinness World Records should become “Greener”.

Guinness World Records should become "Greener".

The traditional Irish brewery Guinness, in collaboration with 40 Irish farms, wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from its own beer production. The company announced on Wednesday that farmers will use less artificial fertilizers in barley production over the next three years. The aim is to improve soil quality and conserve biodiversity. The Co-operation Plan is also supported by the Irish Government.

“It is to be welcomed that one of Ireland’s longest established brands is playing a leading role in agriculture and the environment,” said Irish Agriculture Minister Charlie McConaughey. “We are all working to achieve our desired but desirable climate goals.”

Reproductive farming

The program is also popular among farmers. “The great thing about regenerative farming is the simplicity of the process,” said farmer Walter Furlong Jr. Farms in the southeastern part of Ireland operate in collaboration with Guinness. “It’s not a complicated process – it works in harmony with nature and it gives more income to the farmers,” he said.

John Kennedy, European chief executive of Guinness’s parent company Diageo, said the program would also help guide the company’s future production processes. “We will announce the results of this pilot project,” Kennedy said. “In this way, other farms can learn from it and adapt to the practices that have been shown to give the best results.”

(Essential / AFP)

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