In 2021, Orpea’s turnover increased by 9.2%

In 2021, Orpea's turnover increased by 9.2%

When Health Minister Olivier Veron announced yesterday that he would not rule out legal action on the Orpia issue, the company communicated last night about the first effects of 2021, the giant of nursing homes and private clinics, which has been in turmoil since the book “Les Fosiores” was published in January. This shows a steady growth in its turnover, which increased by 9.2% to 2 4.285 billion.

This increase corresponds to + 5.1% organic growth New institutions opened in 2021 »Acquisitions of Swiss Retirement Home Group Censato and Irish companies Brindley Healthcare, Firstcare and Belmont House, as well as Increase in activity level Said the Frenchman, number two in the sector behind the Korean.

“The acquisition of the Spanish group Hestia Alliance was not finalized and some of the necessary conditions could not be raised within the allotted time,” Orpia underlined.

2021 accounts published at the end of April

In addition, the group has a net financial debt of 7. 7.767 billion, up 16.7%. Importantly “Reason” Construction and External Growth Investments In 2021.

After this ” First Election Of economic indicators, ” Primary “Group will publish” Ends avril Its 2021 accounts, on a date not yet specified.

“Orpia: Responsible Assholes” (Laurent Berger, CFDT)

The government can take legal action

The government is expected to announce next week the findings of a dual administrative inquiry into the company’s activities following the publication of Victor Castanet’s book. Journalist describes a System Orpia was established to optimize the profits generated by nursing homes to the detriment of the well-being of older residents.

“We are working to provide responses to administrative tests,” new CEO Philip Charier was quoted as saying in a statement.

According to Olivier Veron, ” First Preliminary Conclusions “This is an inquiry entrusted to public scrutiny of social affairs and finance (IGAS, IGF)” Condition of several faults “It could lead the government to legal action.” Basically economic facts, misuse of public money “, The minister further clarified.

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As part of that, Orpia’s management commissioned Grant Thornton, Alvarez & Marcel to implement it. Independent external evaluations In the allegations against the company. The results of these audits will also be announced. mi-avril .

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