Great start to Ireland! It does (and does) from Milan

Great start to Ireland!  It does (and does) from Milan

Open borders, many important repetitions, resumption of festivals. Everything is ready to welcome their favorite Italian tourists Ireland, A land of hospitality in the DNA of the whole people. Like the desire to share all the things that unite Irish and Italians and to experience and celebrate new things.

“Ireland chooses to be a destination for a trip,” he begins Marcella ErcoliniDirector Of Irish tourism In Italy, it means spending time and space to experience nature and culture, to interact deeply with the environment and people, and to experience new emotions with our travel companions and local people. Everyone knows Irish welcome. Irish Tourism 2022 presents an overview of new experiences, including art, culture, nature, soft adventures, and sportswear for active or slow tourism, always focused and sustainable.

Belfast City Hall

This week, St. Patrick’s Day, begins with a very interesting project: for the first time in Italy, March 12 to 19There will be Irish Week, Sponsored by the Milan Municipality. There will be extensive events throughout the city celebrating different faces of Irish culture and identity: one Photo exhibition Via Danteil Outdoor, Literary meetings In bookstores and pubs with the James Joyce Foundation, one Movie Review Irish in Italian with the Italian premiere of Ireland, Narrated by Liam Neeson; Initiatives related to this Food and drink In Irish Pub in collaboration with Guinness; A Futuristic installation A stunning immersive lead-sword and three-day painting of a 3D street art at Piazza XXV April Spirit of Ireland Festival In the Spirit de Milan dedicated to Irish culture and music.

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The four pillars of strategy

Ireland Banking has four assets.

Mohr’s cliffs at sunset

The first, of course Nature, Along with the development of light impact infrastructures, made accessible to tourists using conscious choices aimed at preserving and enhancing the vast natural heritage. Because stability is closely related to the universe.

The second issue is Active tourism as well as Soft adventuresThat is, the attention of travelers who choose a destination based on their sporting passion – in this sense Golf Administered by 400 prestigious courses – and once at the destination, those who are selected for perhaps other reasons, decide to try an activity like cycling on a route that relies on the best organization, for example luggage delivery at your next stop.

Irish tourism is another point of investment Luxury, Intended to be an authentic experience, thanks to the creation of 65 ultra-lux experiences that are divided between the discoveries of historical and cultural heritage, gastronomy and sports. Keywords, personalization, service, remain in high-quality structures, but integrated with local and local culture. Luxury is the discovery of hidden gems, the gastronomic pursuit of excellence, the experience of being closely associated with the green spirit of the region, on horseback, on a bicycle, on a boat, and perhaps under a starless sky with no light at night. Pollution.

Dear Manor. The famous Rider Cup Golf 2027 will be held here

It is the path between sustainability and luxury GastronomyThe presence of 21 star-studded restaurants on the one hand, and a great focus on handicraft traditions based on local ingredients and processes, as well as new technologies for cooks including seafood use and forage: a common path to two restaurants known for the food served in historic homes and more traditional locations.

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Finally the Culture, Which is a strategic lever for the promotion of the target. From the Dublin city of literature to the Belfast city of music, from castles to UNESCO sites, there is a love of literature that can be breathed everywhere, so it’s not uncommon to hear about it even in ordinary pubs.

The birthplace of Ireland is not in vain Four authors have been awarded the Nobel Prize: Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, William Yeats, Seamus Heaney, but above all a. James JoyceAlthough she left Ireland in 1904 for socio-political reasons, she has always carried her in her heart, and all his novels are there. This year marks the 140th anniversary of his birth and the 100th anniversary of the publication of his most famous novel, Ulysses. Its festivities will culminate on June 16 with Bloomsday, which is celebrated around the world.

St. Patrick’s Day

Is one of the other unavoidable events St. Patrick’s Festival Returnees from Dublin, Kilkenny, and Limerick on March 17, with celebrities now Global greening, Now in its tenth edition, the green light of more than 700 monuments around the world. In Milan they will be Unicredit Tower and Porta Romana. This year is an even more important sign as it was born to underline the friendship between people.

Soon after St. Patrick’s, it will start again Press the green button, One of the most important communication campaigns in the history of Irish tourism, aims to increase tourist arrivals on the island. As Marcella Ercolini (Italian tourists had 370,000 in 2019) points out, even if it returns to the pre-pandemic level, it will have to wait until 2023. Meanwhile, participation in trade fairs such as educational tours, face-to-face, virtual workshops, bicycle touring fair in Milan and TTG in Rimini will resume.

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Global Greening a Milano

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