The Irishman’s incredible record of defeating depression and alcoholism-

The Irishman's incredible record of defeating depression and alcoholism-

A favorable year to perform well in the half and marathon, not only at the absolute level, but also in the Masters category. Tommy Hughes, an Irishman in the M60 category, set a world record for the 60-year-old with a distance of 42.195 km in 2 hours 30’02. Thus repeating the category record held last September in the half race of 1h11’09 in the Antrim Coast Half Marathon. The new record was set during the Lisbon Festival of Running Marathon in Northern Ireland, where the former Olympic marathon runner-up was 72nd at the 1992 Barcelona Games, and was personally proud of the 2h13’15 Marathon Marathon.

Agonistic longevity

Twenty-nine years later, he lost just 16 minutes and 47 seconds, beating the Japanese Hosaka’s previous M60 record by 6 minutes and 28 seconds. 6 minutes 2 seconds better than the first record beaten by the Austrian Heinz Steiner (1H17’28 “) a month ago.All these times serve as a reference, as well as to fully appreciate the Irishman’s performance and to give some hints and hints for life and long-term running. In addition to confirming the law’s the optimal time to create records on the go, the law has one exception: Former athletes can only be placed at the end of the entire competition, For example, Hughes did it well when it came to the M35 and M40 categories.

Difficulties and causes

Maintain a healthy and proper athletic lifestyle, follow a training schedule of value in quantity and quality, Optimal aging can be achieved. To pursue it, in addition to the law of maintaining one’s weight, one needs to maintain motivations that are easy to lose over the years. After losing both of the fifties, of course, Hughes, Fell into depression and alcoholism, He then found a lot of them, and he was able to beat his 34-year-old son Eon in the Frankfurt Marathon, against the finish line (2h27’52 “against 2h31’20”). On this occasion the father and son entered the Guinness Book of Records for the best time in the family and set another record (4h59’22 “against Greens’ previous 5h02’12”).

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The importance of family

Another hint of optimal aging can be taken from this episode: The family context helps to overcome the moments of crisis and loss in one’s life. Thank you son if Hughes got out of Irish pubs and returned to prepare and run marathons at record speeds. For those of us who are regular runners, at Hughes’ suggestion, it is a useful way to balance age with performance, never to see challenges to themselves and others. It doesn’t have to be kids: grandchildren and friends are fine.

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