Google Maps Go Tab lets users navigate frequently visited places with one tap

Google Maps Go Tab lets users navigate frequently visited places with one tap

Google has announced the release of the Go Tab for Android and iOS in the coming weeks. The tab allows users to pin frequently visited destinations, such as schools or grocery stores, to see directions, live traffic trends, obstacles on your route, and an ETA without having to type in the location address.

Google notes that “navigating frequently visited places with one tap” makes it easier. Additionally, with the Go tab, users can save and work in more places than at home without having to type in the full address and manually pan around Google Maps, 9to5 Google commented. Users can pin multiple routes to a location, including a driving route and a transit route that helps determine the fastest route to a destination. The Go tab feature replaces the existing commute tab located between the explored and saved tabs.

“If you take public transportation, you can pinpoint specific routes that allow you to see the exact departure, arrival time, alerts from your local transit agency, and up-to-date ETA from the Go Tab itself. Routes (including a driving route, a transit route), ”he said on his Google blog. The company has announced that the Go, Tab will be rolled out to Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks.

Last week, Google Maps launched a community feed that provides users with information about activities, recommendations, and updates about their local area. With the new Community Feed feature, Google Maps users will be able to keep track of the best recommendations, new reviews and updates about a particular area.
Recommendations Google says the uploading sources are trusted and the feed shows the latest reviews, photos and posts that local experts have added to Google Maps.

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In addition to the Go Tab, Google has announced four new Android features, such as enhanced voice access navigation. This feature, built by Google for people with motor disabilities, is already available on Android 11, and is available worldwide on all devices, including Android 6.0 and above. Machine Learning uses feature to add labels to the screens of your Android apps to help you work with your voice. “For example, you can say ‘Open photos’, ‘Tap search’, ‘Tap your map’ to see the map of all your photos, which makes navigation convenient and hands-free with your voice,” Google said. Through the Play Store, users can try out the new voice access feature in beta.

Google will further enhance the near-sharing feature that allows users to share apps, even in the absence of a cell or Wi-Fi connection. This feature will be released in the coming weeks. Users need to open Google Play> Share Apps> My Apps & Games. Google allows users to send these apps to their friends to receive after they have selected the apps they want to share.

Google is also preparing to launch features such as audiobooks for users in the US and UK. The company commented that it is working with publishers to use auto-generated narrators so that books without audio versions can be described. Android Auto is expanding combinations of up to 14,000 emojis for users and expanding to six countries that show apps and services to users’ car displays.

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