Or Por qué la subvariante Ómicron se propaga mis rápido que la original?

Or Por qué la subvariante Ómicron se propaga mis rápido que la original?
Un informative premiressene reveals the latest version, concoida como BA.2 with the fastest and fastest increase in the latest seasons on Dinamarca, Filipinas and Sudifrica (EFE / NACHO GALLEGO)

Con the apariciin de las cepas and subcepas, los specialists COVID-19 on ganado entranamiento in el analisis on our contagiosid, gravedad and capacitor dispenser. Ahora, with the detection of one The subcommittee’s microm, han detect the velocidad Come on in, take a look at some of the different passages in this page.

Un informative premiership Published on the platform Medrxiv Revel that in the latest version, BA.2 is the fastest way to extend the latest seasons in the Daily Dance, Philippines and Sudifrica. This sigue a la inicial del tipo BA.1 Omicron del virus SARS-CoV-2, which identifies primarily vez en el sur de africa novimbre and se propagórmentdmentpeme por todo el mundo.

This document realizes the uniqueness of CentroMedico Beth Israel Deaconess de Boston, EE .UU., a studio laboratory BA.2 sugiere fast supsenso es probable the ser mi permeable quo BA.1., which otros estios preliminaries sugieren that BA.2 can superar easily facilitate the use of vacuons in the vacuum. es mucho major is BA.1 al hacerlo.

In vistas of these prime miracles, si los avance de investigator response these words, los centrifuges screen that is poco probable that aticus in Omicron de BA.2 cause a segundo ola important diagnostics and hospitalizations. “This can prolong the creation of low omicrones. Pero nuestros datos sugieren que no dará lugar a unumento new innovations percoration ”, afirmó Dan BaruchImmunology and Virgo of CentroMedico Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston, Massachusetts.

To a centrifuge “we can no longer indicate to individuals that BA.1 is susceptible to BA.2 rein (EFE / Kiko Huesca / Archivo).
To a centrifuge “we can no longer indicate to individuals that BA.1 is susceptible to BA.2 rein (EFE / Kiko Huesca / Archivo).

Un incremento constant in the prevalence of BA.2 in varios paes sugiere tiene una ventaja aceleraciyin en patras formas circulantes”, Dijo Mads Albertsson, bioinform photography at Universidad de Almaborg en Dinamarca, también estudios at this video. These incoming otras formats icmicron, which is one of the most popular men’s freaks in BA.3. “Deste un punto de vista centiffico, la pregunta es por qué”, fue la pregunta de Barouch. The Los investigators screen is a gran part of the razor portion that rapidly replaces the Delta version of Delta with its capacitors to infect and proprietor ent individuals with fire immunizations with Delta. Entonces, esa is a possibilido permita compressor in the account BA.2 which is inclined higher than BA.1 in the control of immunidad.

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In Dinamarca, dont las tasas de vacunaciin son altas, el aumento de BA.2 todavaia no estu causando problemativ significance. These results concert with all preferences Look at the virólogo David Ho is from the University of Columbia in New York, New Yorkwhich deskubrió que BA.2 and BA.1 equivalent capacitors are resistor antisuerpos neutralizers in la sangre las individuals who have sido vacunadas. o prevrente infectado.

Sin embargo, the equivalent of Ho tambien finds indications of the mutations of genetics excluding the BA.2 infected form in which the ciertos anticuerpos reconcile variant. Los especialistas detect that a family anticuerpos that is one of a part of de proteina espiga, que, a vez, se liga a las chulas huspsped, es mucho menos efectiva to neutralize BA.2 que BA.1, mientras que otro tipo anticuerpo espiga is my active contra contracted BA. 2.

Una tersera premipresión Look at the virólogo Kei Sato de la Universidad de Tokioconfirm that los hmsters and los ratones infect with BA.1 product anticuerpos which men potentes contra BA.2 which is BA.1.

"BA.2 can also plantear mice desfoos in lugares dont las tasas de vacunaciin son miz bajas"an unspokenist (EFE / Elvis González / Archivo)
“BA.2 can plantear mice desfoos en lugares las tasas de vacunaciin son más bajas”, según un especiaista (EFE / Elvis González / Archivo)

In this context, these words have no significant significance in the ultrasonic studios for the protection of immunologic contraceptives BA.2 in the real world. Barouch describes the studio’s equipo “no indication that these people have a BA.1 receptivity to the BA.2 reinforcement of BA.2.. Pero cree las estasticas su equipo muestran que es es poco probable que ese riesgo sea mucho mayor for BA.2 que for BA.1 ″, conclusively.

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Investigators in Israel have identified algorithm cassos in which individuals are borne by BA.1 and infected with BA.2. Mindras tanto, Psychicos daneses lanzaron un studio for determiner with quer freukencia ocurren tales verifications. Los epidemiologies molecules at the State Serum Institute in Copenhague and Evaluacini de Riesgo de Variante SARS-CoV-2 dinamarca est trabajando en ello. Su presidente, Trolls Lillebeckafirmó que “si no hubiera protecin, sera sorprendent y, creo, poco probable. Lo sabremos con certeza an un pocas semanas mis”.

Otrom estio of icmicron, which has more than 8.000 hogresses, sugiere BA.2 with a combination of facts. Los investigators find that individuals have no infections, vacuums dos vices and reports are highly vulnerable to the BA.2 that infects BA.1. “Los individually no infectious tombien you have a mayor rigego contagion of BA.2, which sugiere que las distinas propidades del virus esten, al menos en parte, details su su mayor transmissibilid”, agregó Lilbeck.

These new discoveries are not easy to specialize in identifying mutagenic genetically responsive de los rasgos distinctions of BA.2 and our ventija creme (EFE / Elvis González).
These new discoveries are not easy to specialize in identifying mutagenic genetically responsive de los rasgos distinctions of BA.2 and our ventija creme (EFE / Elvis González).

In Dinamarca, a studio preliminar finds that variant no parce causar an enformedad mes grave BA.1, inclus in nios. Pero, for Lilibek “BA.2 can also plantear mice desafoos in lugares dont las tasas de vacunaciin son miz bajas”. LThe most creative variant of the BA.1 significance is that it can extend the picos de icmicron, in case of probabilidad infecting individuals with mayors and otros groups with ali riesgo enfermedad Grave. Create the main problem with BA.2 in transmission. Se pone a mis people en dar positivo en un corto perodo de timempo, lo que ezerce presiin sobre el sistema hospitalario ”aged Liebeck.

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Tambiin hai indications BA.2 can limit limit las options tratamiento. In experimental laboratories, the equipo ho finds that variant was resistant to an anticuerpo monoclonal therapeutic sotrovimab, which was effectively BA. Sin embargoes, the fabrication of Firmaco, Vir Biotechnology in San Francisco, California, informs in a communicative case that your proprietary experiments will not be publicized as the source of the power of BI.2 contra ba.2.

These new discoveries are a series of specials that specialize in identifying the unique genetic responsiveness of the BA.2 and its intermittent creation of BA.2. In otras variants of rapid propagators, inclusions Alfa and Delta, los investigators observe observation mutations that transcend, perco poco probable that completely complement the esoteric variants.


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