Frost Selensky-Berlin, German media reactions | “He denies our help, and Putin is happy.” “Identify mistakes and send weapons now”

Frost Selensky-Berlin, German media reactions |  "He denies our help, and Putin is happy."  "Identify mistakes and send weapons now"

This is a success, first and foremost Vladimir Putin: This is one of the most talked about aspects of the German media these days Heavy snowfall between Kiev and Berlin. No. of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Selensky During the visit of the German President Frank Walter SteinmeierDefined by the Registrar Olaf Scholes “Annoyance” is read as a sign of a divided Europe. The tensions in the West, the logic of the press, certainly make Moscow happy. On Reasons Opinions differ on the fracture and the way it can be repaired: on the one hand, there are those who accuse Selensky of “refusing” help and solidarity. Germany. Mistakes of the past, we read as examples South German newspaper, Do not justify refusing to accept the German president. On the other hand, other newspapers remember the “wrong politics” in Berlin Mirror We read: “Now the government must ask itself how to do this To help Ukraine “.

Here are the main reactions of the German media:
“It simply came to our notice then that President Steinmeier had canceled his trip AngerAnd now Confusion. Ukraine denies canceling President Steinmeier’s invitation There was no request, President Selensky said: “Hence the title High Thursday morning. He added: “However, it is certain that Steinmeier was not welcomed in Kiev, which was notified in writing by the Ukrainian presidential administration to the German ambassador to Kiev.” He concludes: “Therefore, statements from Ukraine may be an attempt Limit damage Diplomats”. Jens Schneider On South German newspaper On Thursday, it was reported that Selensky could not even be reached by phone from Steinmeier.

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Hot Wednesday Oliver Neuroth ForHigh “Ukraine is not happy about the cancellation of the presidential invitation,” he said. Supporter Ukraine for financial assistance and military equipment. The declaration of the German head of state as a personality non-gratuit is a form Disclaimer Following Steinmeier’s rejection of this aid, Chancellor Scholes is unlikely to go to Ukraine now. The Kiev government itself is avoiding something. And let the opponent shine as the winner. Russian leader Putin is delighted to see how Western nations are finding themselves Divided”. Bertolt Collar On He does On Wednesday he commented almost sarcastically: “Kiev, of course, is great Happiness Of MoscowHe and his predecessors treated the President badly It never happened”.

The South German newspaper Signed at Italics on Wednesday Daniel Brosler By title “UnnecessarySteinmeier writes that although he has earned Criticisms For his role in unsuccessful access MinskTireless effort to maintain Dialog With Moscow, already president, has supported the completion Nord Stream 2With any visit these days, nothing can justify declaring the personality non-gratuitous From Europe In Kiev it is important. You may want to visit Selensky Shoals Annoyed By German defenses for distribution Heavy weaponsBut the rejection makes Europe more visible Weak E The same. Only one person can be happy: Vladimir Putin. On the other hand, Steinmeier himself in an interview Mirror He underlined how he had committed himself to the fate of Ukraine during the protests. Euromaidan In the discussions held in 2013/14 and when the conflict broke out Crimea. He acknowledged that he was wrong, but that Putin’s face was not always the same. 2001 Is not equal to 2022.

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Returning to the case, the SZ Thursday underscores, “The cancellation of the invitation to Steinmeier is triggering Dissatisfaction: Chancellor Scholes has not yet accepted Kiev’s invitation and still rejects the desire for heavy weapons. In a lengthy interview on the second pageUkrainian Ambassador In Berlin Andrzej Melink On the other hand, he does not keep secret what his country expects Olaf Scholes: Immediate sanctions Petroleum E Russian gas Other sanctions against Moscow, as well as sending Heavy weapons For his own defense. Welcome to the Chancellor in Kiev now, Steinmeier will be welcomed sooner or later. “No doubt, Steinmeier may visit Ukraine in the future,” Melink said. Brave gestures To correct the deadly Decisions Wrong”.

Berliner Daily mirror Below is a photo of President Steinmeier with the news of the closed doors, entitled “The Artist of False Policy on Russia.” Andrea Dernback E Christopher von Marshall In the article below, they report how it feels in the presidential office Chalk Talk about one Separate in a way that is unthinkable yet With “exchange and diplomatic traditions”. The reaction to German politics was divided: “Many officials in the Traffic Light Alliance called Selensky’s decision” negligent. “Unhappy‘. Others pointed to the uproar as the Chancellor’s hasty decision to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. More urgent”. Chairman of the European Affairs Committee of the German Parliament Anton Hoffritter (Verdi), has now gone to Ukraine with his colleague Michael Roth (Spd) and Chairman of the Parliamentary Defense Committee Mary-Agnes Strock-Zimmerman (Fdp), Scholz has been asked to immediately show the green flag for the delivery of heavy weapons. Similar voices from Strock-Zimmermann define Steinmeier’s dissent Strange But it is not friendly, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

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The Vice-Chancellor himself Robert Habek (Verdi) said: “If we say you get something in a quarter, it is useless. Now the stuff has to go there. In the same line Maximilian Pope On Mirror R writes: “Instead of dictating the rules to the Ukrainian leadership, the government should ask itself where it comes from. Unbelief Kiev, how can you To help Ukraine “. Parliamentarian expert on foreign policy Alexander Graf Lamsdorf (Fdp), however, comments on this Editorial Network Germany “If Steinmeier can not go to Kiev, he is the chancellor Olaf Scholes The invitation was accepted, and it was a Double insult To the Office of the President “.and Marcus Wehner Always on Mirror He indirectly gives him a reason: “Kyiv, meanwhile, is inviting Chancellor Scholes to a theater of the lowest standard. It is not good for the Chancellor to play against the President.

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