Everything we know about Musk’s plans

Everything we know about Musk's plans

Landing on Musk’s Twitter offices A dive Hit tweets like you “The Bird Goes Free” O “Comedy is now legal on Twitter”, has stirred some uncertainty about how he will take the reins of the social network, doubts that have been on the table since he agreed to buy it for more than $40,000 million in the spring. Two of these are particularly important: how it affects content How the company.

Musk himself on Friday Some light was shed In the first question, announcing a “Content Moderation Council” with a plural profile. He didn’t give much information about what that would look like, what role it would play, or what schedule he’s managing to activate it, but he assured that he wants to hear it before making any editorial decisions, including restoring accounts.

Now that information is pouring in, it points to a second big unknown: how its arrival will affect Twitter’s structure, specifically, Your template. It was leaked last week that the businessman was considering Utilize 75% of the campus Once he took control of the company, he was just one percent behind Musk would have been responsible for the denial.

Clearing unknowns

However, the question of what the true scope of Musk’s plans will be remains unknown. The company’s workforce is approximately 7,500 employees. According to ReutersPrevious management had planned to cut $800 million in payroll costs by the end of next year, which would equate to about a quarter of the workforce leaving.

In May — after a presentation to investors — it Filter target By then, Musk was managing the company. For workers, the goal was to achieve 11,072 employees By 2025, although there are fluctuations during the process. The possibility of the industrialist getting rid of workers after the purchase has already been pointed out.

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Now some major US media are suggesting that Musk has already started the machinery to resize the workforce. And soon. The New York Times (TNYT), Bloomberg Y The Washington Post (TWP) claims that company managers have been asked to prepare a list of employees in their teams.

As per TWP cut Maybe around 50% The affected area will be monitored first Content ModerationYes, the managers asked for a list of potential layoffs include those from security and privacy departments.

All three media outlets agree that Musk could make a move as soon as the next few days. One of its drawbacks is that on November 1, the company’s workers are paid in shares as part of their compensation. From there, TNYT makes sureLayoffs begin to be considered on Saturday.

Musk’s arrival belongs to the executive sector at an already noted level. The businessman sacked the CEO, Parag Aggarwal, and the financial director of the company and other directors. This action will cost millions in damages, however –Points TNYT– Musk alleged Just a lawsuitIt can be complicated.

The businessman would assign projects to Twitter engineers and some would receive notifications to show them the code they were working on.

Securing the TWP And Tesla engineers on Friday Evaluating the material. Musk himself has come to show his commitment to the technology side of the company: “Software engineering, operations and server design will dominate”, Tweeted a few weeks ago.

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