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Effective Entertainment During Travel Restrictions

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The uncertain COVID situation in Ireland and travel restrictions are leaving citizens worried, bored, and distressed. As the third lockdown is approaching its end date – the lockdown is supposed to end on March 5th – citizens are desperately searching for ways to relax, unwind, and have fun.

Although Ireland has a strict quarantine in place and travel restrictions, there are still ways to have fun and enjoy the days spent with the family indoors. From taking up new hobbies or rekindling your old ones, the options are aplenty – you only need a good idea to spark the flame.

Focus on Oneself

The first thing you can do during lockdown to have fun is to focus on yourself. Work can be tiring, family obligations, chores, and various other duties often leave us without free time. And even if we have free time, we don’t have enough of it to focus on ourselves – which might lead to feeling a bit blue. Now, with extra time on one’s hands, it’s time to bring the focus back to yourself – by yourself.

Learn a New Language

A new language always sounds exciting. Unfortunately, it usually remains a good idea only for most of us, as we are too busy to invest time and energy into a new undertaking. But perhaps the only thing that the quarantine has given us is time – and what better way to use it than to take up a new language?

Focus on Skincare

Regardless of age, skincare is essential. There could be a 3-step routine or even a 10-step routine; it does not matter – what matters is that it is done regularly. Take care of your skin by ordering products online or even concocting homemade masks and scrubs.

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Physical Activity

Another important segment of everyday life is physical activity. An individual cannot stay healthy without exercise at least a couple of times a month. The optimal choice is daily exercise, but novices are good even with practice like yoga or even dancing a couple of times per week.

Space Around Us

Another great way to have fun during quarantine is by organising one’s surroundings. This does not have to include cleaning, although cleaning often produces a cathartic release. However, not many people are fond of cleaning. Therefore, we shall leave it to the readers to deduce whether that constitutes a fun activity. But, there are other things to do.


Cooking employs creativity, a trait which most humans have but not all use. Although cuisine often inspires dread, leaving many of us a hair’s breadth away from an aspiring culinary career, it is not dreadful. On the contrary, it can be fun, entertaining, and highly immersive. Another advantage is sustenance – cooking is a highly valued skill necessary for survival.

Family Games

Family games are a superb idea for family time. Although we are used to holding smartphones and virtual interactions, games with the family can be quite entertaining. Moreover, it provides an excellent way to bond with the family, pass the time, and avoid conflicts (as we are all prone to confrontations under lockdown stress).

Make Use of the WIFI

A stable internet connection does not translate into Netflix and chillax only. There are numerous things to do on the internet, including gaming, blogging, research, and even travelling.

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Visiting Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a new way to travel despite travel restrictions! Museums, castles, and various other places you’ve thought of visiting opened their virtual doors to the public. VR tours are available for dozens of world-famous museums, including London’s British Museum and Louvre. NASA and Google even teamed up for a ground-breaking project which lets you tour Mars via Access Mars WebVR experiment.

Start a Blog

Fancy writing? Brilliant! Blogging is slowly becoming a prime profession for all those who are finding their voices online. Blogging, vlogging, or simply keeping a diary can significantly help you feel better, calmer, and more motivated. Expressing thoughts and emotions is excellent for mental health, as well.

Play Games Online

Games are the very definition of entertainment. Video games, board games, mobile games, the medium matters less than the actual experience. Video gaming has grown in popularity over the last year, as the world was plunged deep into quarantine.

The choice of games is diverse, especially with VR and online gaming and streaming services. Technology has advanced enough to allow us almost limitless gaming options – and gamers worldwide are making use of the opportunity.

Gaming Seems to Help People Cope with Quarantine

Playing games has always been a popular pastime, but the appeal for gaming increased during the pandemic. The online gaming boom was expected to a certain extent, given the world’s dependency on the internet and technology.

One of the industries which received the most attention was the online gambling industry, where millions of players joined the community and started playing casino games for real money. Ireland put forth a series of limitations and responsible gaming tools to protect players who are venturing into online gambling as of late. Nowadays, players can learn about the latest online gambling trends by visiting sites like Casino Bloke. Casino Bloke has a section dedicated to Irish online casinos which offer top casino games and are licensed and regulated by strict authority bodies who oversee the industry.

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Besides online gambling, board game sales spiked too. The board game market grew by 20% worldwide in 2020, according to Deutsche Welle. One of the most commonly cited reasons is the ‘digital detox’, as people are also looking to step away from their devices and focus on real-life socialisation. Among the most popular board game choices are puzzle games, strategy, multiplayer, classic, and family games.

Closing Thoughts

While Ireland waits for travel bans to lift and public places to open, citizens are looking for a way to divert their attention from the pandemic. We’ve found that many things can help – from cooking and cleaning to yoga and gaming.

Games have proved to be the most efficient method, as the gaming industry registered growth, including growth in board game sales. Entertainment during travel bans is possible – online and offline alike.

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