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Dutch YouTuber sued after fathering more than 550 children

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Jonathan Jacob Meijer (Photo: Playback/YouTube)

A Dutch YouTuber has been summoned to appear in court after he allegedly fathered more than 550 children through sperm donation. According to British newspaper The Mirror, 41-year-old Jonathan Jacob Meijer is accused of conning hundreds of women.

According to Vahakah, the DonorKind Foundation, the organization that coordinates the sperm bank, filed a court case in an attempt to stop Meijer from donating more material.

The influencer first attracted attention in 2017 when the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology warned that he had already fathered 102 babies in 10 different clinics. Later, Jonathan was banned from donating in his country, but he continued the tradition abroad.

“If I had known he was already the father of over 100 children, I would never have chosen him.”said Eva, one of the mothers. “When I think about the consequences this could have on my son, my stomach turns. Many mothers told them to stop but to no avail. So going to court is the only option. I want to protect my son”He added.

Jonathan was banned from donating sperm in the Netherlands, but tried to donate abroad (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

Eva and the Donorkind Foundation hope the court case will result in the destruction of Meijer’s sperm remaining in storage. “We are taking action against this man because the national government is doing nothing”said the president of the institution. “He has a global reach through the Internet and does business with major international sperm banks”, assured the businessman. Currently, the content creator has a YouTube channel with around 4,500 subscribers.

The foundation’s lawyer, Mark de Heck, said Meijer had broken her promise to have no more than 25 children. Recently, the Dutch authorities revised the law so that donors can only donate sperm to 12 women.

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