During a raid at 3 a.m., JLS player JB Gill attacked and threatened his wife with a knife.

During a raid at 3 a.m., JLS player JB Gill attacked and threatened his wife with a knife.

JLS star JB Gill was attacked by a group of riders who stormed his farmhouse during a raid at 3am.

The 33-year-old singer, who is now a farmer, shares the house with his wife Chloe and their two children.

Chloe, 32, is said to have been upset after being threatened with a knife. The group of four fled the couple’s home with $ 1.5 million worth of belongings.

During the encounter, JB sprayed an unknown object on his face. He was rushed to a hospital for treatment but is said to be OK.

JB’s spokesman said The sun : “Everything in the family is safe and secure by increasing the security of the home.”

JB sprayed a substance and threatened Chloe with a knife

The family was devastated by the incident but escaped unharmed, the publication said.

Security will be beefed up at the vacant home and police will investigate the incident.

It is believed that officials have informed the National Crime Agency that this may be the work of an organized crime group targeting locals in the area.

One source told the newspaper: “This is a horrible incident. JB sprayed him in the face and the gang threatened Chloe with a knife.

“He wanted to protect her and their children, but the best way to do that was to work with the team.”

JB now has a farm

The examiner said police and medics went to the house and rushed JB to the hospital.

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He was able to leave that day.

JB’s life was very different in 2008 when he became famous in X Factor as part of the Boyband JLS.

They split in 2013 at $ 6 million each. The Corona virus pandemic delayed their tour because they were reunited.

The family escaped with serious injuries but was shaken

He took up farming after buying 11 acres of land on the outskirts of London.

He grows vegetables and raises livestock, including pigs and turkeys.

Speaking once about his farm, he said: “The pop star lifestyle is full and you don’t have much time, so I wanted to escape somewhere peacefully and it has become a great place to relax and recharge.

In 2008, JLS rose to prominence

“It simply came to our notice then [his family] To enjoy the British countryside. “

Neighbors said there had been robberies and car thefts in the area.

Mirror Online contacted JB representatives for comment.

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