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Guess what it does? Whistle with a bone in it? Or are the bones playing in the mouth? No! It pulls on the bone marrow just as you would put on disposable gloves and grab a large bone and pull out the delicious bone fat inside. Sounds awesome! Of course, the bone that the giraffe eats will not be as tasty as what you eat, and the bone that eats in the mouth will be taken from the carcass that has been dead for ten days, no hot soup, so it will not be greasy. Fat and tasty.


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This photo was taken a few days ago by Christian Swanpoil at the Welgwinden Wildlife Sanctuary. You might think that this scene is a photo of a photographer lurking in the grass for more than ten days before taking a photo he saw hundreds of years later. not really.

This may seem like a rare sight to anyone who has read this article. But in reality, giraffe bone marrow extraction is very common in the wild, and you will rarely notice it (see more on natural science, please!)

The photo below was taken in 2017. This giraffe is biting the bones of a buffalo.

It was taken in 2018 and the location is unknown. The giraffe has an ant skull in its mouth.

This is a screenshot of a video taken in August 2018 at the Tempe Elephant Park in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. A giraffe with its mate, with the head of a damaged buffalo in its mouth. . Interested friends can search and watch the video online.

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There are so many such photos, so I will not put them here. I would like to say that they are very common in African savannah.

Why does a good vegetarian not eat leaves and chew bones?

To live, to nourish. Giraffes do not need enough vegetarian food because the leaves do not have the essential nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus that giraffes need. How else can it grow so tall?

Your mother urges you to drink more milk, otherwise the milk will not grow for long as it contains calcium! A giraffe’s neck is long and does not drink milk, how can you chew bones and add more calcium!

In 2013, scientists published a paper in the Journal of Archaeological Sciences: Giraffes not only drink bone marrow but also eat horns, horns and ivory.

This behavior has a professional term: osteophagia (osteophagia).

Not only giraffes, but many vegetarians have this “blessing”, the bull below, biting into the same kind of bones.

Some vegetarians eat more bones while others eat less. For example, very tall giraffes are more likely to eat bones than shorter giraffes, because naturally larger, taller and taller bones weigh more, so they need more calcium.

Giraffes do not have the opportunity to make a large bone soup, or take marrow with chopsticks, the bones are hard, they chew the bones into small pieces and then dissolve with saliva. Throw nutrients and gum almost to the side.

Scientists have also found that the bitten bones are just scratches on the teeth, so to be precise, giraffes do not eat the bones, but scrape the bones slightly with their teeth.

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Why do giraffes sometimes chew bones and not stick to their mouths?

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