Despite a clear 1: 5 defeat: Former VfBer Lucas scores first goal for FSV Optik Rathenow

Lucas Will schoss am vergangenen Wochenende sein erstes Tor für den FSV Optik Rathenow

For FSV Optik Rathenow, things are semi-optimal in the Regional Nordost. With only four points from the first six games, you can only leave the field victorious once (3-0 at VfB Germany Halberstad 3-0). Last weekend, coach Ingo Kahlish’s team suffered another defeat. They lost 1: 5 to FSV Union Fürstenwalde. However, from Lബbeck’s point of view, there is little reason to rejoice, as former WFB Lucas scored his first goal of the season for his new employer in this game.


It was only in the summer that the young striker promoted VFB L ലൂbeck from the Third Division to FSV Optic Ratanov, the Northeast regional division. In the previous game, coach Kalish replaced him with an ungodly score of 0: 2 in the second half, and he scored his own goal in the 73rd minute – a 1: 4 “connecting goal”.

“It’s definitely nice to score the first goal of the season, but I’m not happy about it because we lost again. We had good chances ahead of us, but we could not turn them into more goals. In the first two games of the season, Will was still suspended due to suspension from the previous season, he was in the top eleven on Days 3 and 4, and was a substitute in the last two games of the second half.

Against VfB Lübeck 1. In FC Sarbrooken Personal Review

Lucas Raider: 911 Hutchinger blocked the lead several times with no chance.


Mecklenburg-Relocation to Western Pomerania – Another Eleven Clearly Objective

To move to the Northeast Regional Division, he moved from Lബbeck to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where he lives in a shared apartment with other FSV players – the LN Sports Bazaar has already settled down well: “I think I’ve done very well here, and the team is doing very well for me. There are characters. I fit in very well with the people in my flat share. Things are going very well in sports. So far I have been given regular assignments.

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The next game for Optik Rathenow against the almost third division is 1. FC World Motivation Leipzig

FSV Optik Rathenow and L -beck-based Lucas Will will face off against 1.FC locomotive Leipzig later this Wednesday evening as the program kicks off on the seventh day of the competition at the Regional League Nordost. Missed promotion to Third Division this season!

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