3 years later, Khabib finally reveals why he jumped into McGregor’s camp after their fight.

3 years later, Khabib finally reveals why he jumped into McGregor's camp after their fight.

Khabib looks back at the fight on McGregor’s side in UFC 229

This is the incident that introduced him to the public. Khabib Noormagomedov, a fighter previously recognized by MMA fans, really made a name for himself in the fight against Connor McGregor. Similarly, what happened inside the octagon, as outside. The winner, who is of Irish descent, submitted in the fourth round and a few days ago avenged the attack led by his victim Mystic Mack.

But that is not enough for The Eagle. He took charge of the infamous camp during the build-up of the fight, which he threw at them after his victory to fight. A cavalryman who earned a 9-month suspension.

Mike Tyson was a hotbox guest on the podcast, and the retiree is back for the first time. He always took the opportunity to explain the reasons for such an action on his part.

I said to myself: “I want to bite his heart”

Khabib did not utter his words. He revealed that he was not good enough during the fight and that the sight of McGregor’s training partner, Dillon Danis, knocked him out of the hinges:

When I grabbed him by the neck and strangled him. He hit. I said ‘Did you bring thousands of Irish people from all over the world here and beat them up? Are you talking about a warrior or something? How can you type? Sleep, sleep ‘. He is typing, ‘Okay that’s not enough, I need something else’. I saw one of his originals talking to me. ‘I want to bite her heart,’ I told myself.

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