Create a GoPay, Telkomsel cooperative mobile game …

Cooperation between Telecom and Kobe. Photo: Gorcom Telecom Cell – GoPay collaborates with PUBG MOBILE and Telcom through Dunia Games to provide the most exciting and maximum experience for PUBG mobile fans in Indonesia.

Through this partnership with PUBG, MOBILE, GoPay and Telkomsel we will continue to offer attractive offers for the gaming ecosystem in the country.

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Between April 21 and May 20, 2021, PUBG is offering up to 75% cashback vouchers for PUBG mobile top-up games on Google Play and CodeShop for PUBG mobile players in Indonesia.

During the same period, Telecom Cell also offered special offers in the form of additional data packages.

Sports fans from Telcomcel customers need not worry about dropping a reservation now with the first PUBG mobile top-up with at least 1GB transaction on the 4G network.

IDR will allow customers 6GB (5GB on 4G networks + 1GB on full networks) for 60,000 transactions.

Telecom cell quotes are valid for two days, with a maximum of one (1) purchases per user per month on purchases made through Games World, Google Play and Godshop platforms.

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