Cancom SE Update Sharing: Cancom SE is more robust

CANCOM SE-Aktie aktuell: CANCOM SE tendiert fester

At the Frankfurt meeting, CANCOM SE shares rose 1.8 percent to EUR 53.98. Shares of Cancom SE reached its daily high of 53 53.98. The paper started the Frankfurt session at 53 53.02.

Over the past 52 weeks, the maximum value of the paper has been യൂറോ 57.54. This course arrived on 08/05/2021. At 33 33.26, the stock hit a 52-week low on October 30, 2020.

Analysts estimate Cancom SE’s stake averages 63 63.33. On the profit side, experts expect 47 1.47 per share in the 2022 Cancom SE books.

CANCOM SE is a provider of IT infrastructure. CANCOM is primarily responsible for the financing and management of the Group’s affiliated companies, which provide services primarily through digital media, especially in the sale of hardware, software, and similar products. In recent years, through strategic acquisitions, the company has consistently expanded from a major centralized trading company to the third largest manufacturer-independent system house in Germany and a full-fledged IT provider. The entire spectrum of products and services from a single source covers the entire spectrum from consulting and generating IT concepts to storing and selling hardware and software to integrating and operating systems. CANCOM is one of the most important partners of HP, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Symantec, Citrix, Apple and Adobe.

The latest news on CANCOM SE shares

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This is how analysts calculate the CANCOM SE share in July 2021

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