Alexei Navalny condemns the arrest as a “parody of justice”

Alexei Navalny condemns the arrest as a "parody of justice"

The day after his incredible arrest after returning to Moscow after consuming poison, Russian rival Alexei Navalny appeared before a judge on Monday, January 18. To everyone’s surprise, a tribunal convened Monday afternoon at the Khimki police station on the outskirts of Moscow. “Detention Request”, Says Vadim Kobsev, the opponent’s lawyerO 1 in the Kremlin.

“I saw a lot of parodies of justice (…) But it’s the most illegal. “According to a video posted on social networks, the court responded. “Grandpa is scared in his bunker, we’ll tear up and throw the code of criminal procedure in the trash.”He was referring to President Putin and the fact that a tribunal could sit in a police station.

Navalny, 44, a charismatic anti-corruption activist and sworn in in the Kremlin, has accused President Vladimir Putin of ordering his novichok poison in August, which Russia has denied. He survived the poisoning and was treated for five months in Germany. On Sunday evening, when the opponent returned to Moscow and arrived at the Sheremetyevo airport, FSIN, the Russian prison service, went for treatment and was arrested for allegedly violating judicial control procedures. ‘Foreign.

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“Innocent Campaign”

By flying to Moscow, Alexei Navalny had assured him that he was not afraid of anything. “Are they going to arrest me?” That is not possible, I am innocent. “, He said. The NGO Amnesty International thought he was now a “Prisoner of conscience” prey “Innocent Campaign” Authorities.

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The European Union, France, Germany, Poland and even the United Kingdom have called for his release, as has the future administration of Joe Biden, who was elected President of the United States. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has condemned the move “Silence Navalny”.

Russian diplomat Maria Sakharova wrote on Facebook “Intervene in their own problems”. His minister, Sergei Lavrov, said the West was attacking Russia “To divert attention from the deep crisis that undermines the model of liberal development”. In his opinion, Navalny is an affair “Within the police” the same “To Enforce Russian Law”.

In August, his opponent suddenly fell into a coma while returning from an election tour of Siberia. He was first admitted to a hospital in Omsk, Russia, and later transferred to a hospital in Berlin. Three European laboratories concluded that the poison was a novichok-type military nerve agent developed during the Soviet era, which was confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Sickness, poor lifestyle, provocation of Western secret services – Russia has increased the number of editions that refuse to launch a criminal investigation.

Alex Navalny, widely ignored by the Russian national media, continues to be the main voice of the opposition, thanking a very large audience on social networks and investigations into the corruption of the elite. However, its notoriety is limited to large cities, with only 20 percent of Russians approving the move, according to a poll conducted by the Independent Levada Center in September.

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