Calculations and Mathematical Logic: Two Exercises to Train the Brain of the Brain

Calculations and Mathematical Logic: Two Exercises to Train the Brain of the Brain
Mathematical logic involves the ability to use and associate numbers, their basic functions, symbols, and their forms of expression (iStock).

The Calculus is a complex neurocognitive function Which is the closest relationship It depends on other cognitive processes such as language, attention, executive function, spatial structure, and memory.

Contains mathematical logic Ability to use and relate numbers, their basic functions, symbols, and their expressive forms, to construct and interpret different types of information, and to develop knowledge of the quantitative and spatial aspects of reality; To fix Problems related to daily life and work world.

It is part of mathematical ability, the ability to interpret and express information and data with clarity and accuracy, which increases the real potential for continued learning throughout life in the school or academic environment and beyond, and facilitates effective participation in society. Life.

As all these numerical skills go beyond mathematics, its stimulation is very important, and the benefits of this kind of thinking lead to healthy development in many respects and the achievement of individual goals and achievements. From an early age we can promote and exercise this kind of reasoning through games, math exercises and problem solving throughout our lives.

Specially designed by INECO Infobe A set of exercises to practice cognitive skills.

Here are two exercises for mathematical reasoning and calculation

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