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Brexit, Erasmus Plus, Northern Ireland: New scenes

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Irish Education Secretary Simon Harris recently announced that Southern Ireland will pay students from Northern Ireland to attend the Erasmus Plus program following the UK government’s decision to cancel any agreement between Britain and Ireland. Europe on Mobility Funding. In terms of costs, we talk about more than $ 2 million a year, but that doesn’t stop the Republic of Ireland from taking the Undersecretary’s words as a practical example of the will to cooperate with Northern Ireland; This is not an investment, expense or programHarris pointed out, It will last as long as students demand. Harris also added during a television interview with the public network RtéFrom this point of view, the island must remain united.

These are the latest updates from the Brexit-Erasmus edition of the popular European mobility program Erasmus Plus to exclude the United Kingdom from Christmas Eve, raising the budget for the next cycle to 30 billion. Euro (ബ 27 billion).

Irish students

So, if British students can no longer access the program, they will have to thank the Government of Northern Irish Southern Ireland, thanks to its commitment, in fact, to the fact that university students across the country from Belfast will still have access to the Erasmus 600, which ended last year. The Republic of Ireland, one of the countries involved in the creation of the European Exchange Program, recently expanded its exchanges into jobs and internships, spending $ 4 million to send and receive university students across the country. Europe. So it is not yet clear whether Northern Ireland, which can send children to the European Union, will be able to accept European students despite financial assistance from Ireland.

ICOTEA_19_dentro article

As is well known, from January 2021 the British government announced that it would begin to evaluate several practical aspects of launching a new national program named after mathematician Alan Turing, in which it intends to pass on the potential to students across the country. United to participate in other mobility opportunities; To date the news has not been very detailed, for example it seems that the Turing program is inaccessible to incoming students, and this will only facilitate going tto going British students. It is not clear from Harris’ interview whether he will have to deal with the new immigration rules that allow Northern Irish students to stay in an EU country for 90 days out of 180 without a visa.

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Erasmus Plus, the fourth-largest destination after France, Spain and Germany, has had difficult times for many university students, including many Italians who have chosen Great Britain over the years as a destination for funding.

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