Meiningen Kleinkunsttage: The program for 2023 is set – Meiningen

Meiningen Kleinkunsttage: The program for 2023 is set - Meiningen

Then, on the evening of March 3, it was time for the aforementioned award-winning Bavarian journalist to finally realize that she could not only write, but also speak. Now, with an impassive face, she talks very, very funny about her daily life.

Already on the “top shelf” (as Frank Heinecke puts it) is “Die Feisten”, and the pair of men who sing and play – “so fast, so clever, so funny”. It will be particularly distinguished in Meiningen – the title of the program already promises “Das Feinste der Feisten – 2MannSongComedy”. “I’ve had two singers and multi-instrumentalists on my radar for a while, and it just hasn’t worked out yet in terms of dates. They guarantee good entertainment and a full house,” says Frank Heinecke, who is looking forward to the cabaret evening on March 4. A week later, on March 11, a completely different side of cabaret will shine through. – The mental magic of Christoph Kuch subtly and humorously transports his audience into the realm of the supposed supernatural. With his ambiguously titled program “Match Crazy – Mental Magic”, he will show the people of Meiningen why he rightly won the World Magic Championship in the mental magic category. He has been to Meiningen before – at an award ceremony. . “A lot of people sat there with their mouths open. It’s very impressive how he reads minds,” says the festival organizer. “It’s going to be a great evening for people who enjoy it.”

The “Out of Tune” trio calls their Kleinkonstage contribution on March 16 a “messy megamusical.” Friedolin Müller, Nelle Kiesling and Janis Kafka bring a new musical theater to the stage – a cabaret musical with absurd witty dialogue and wonderful songs. Folks in Meininger may get to know Friedolin Müller from last year, the male half of the comedy couple “The Money’s at the Window, Mary.” “He told me about his new project that day. We found: It’s unusual and innovative for people who like to be surprised. “Paving and breaking new ground in cabaret was one of the festival’s concerns,” emphasizes Frank Heinecke.

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An all-rounder Lars Redlich was also recommended as Meiningen among the cabaret artists coming to the Volkshaus stage on March 17. The charming singing actor combines cabaret, musical comedy and show in his entertaining solo program “Lars But Not Least”.

Award-winning puppeteer Michael Hatsius is already a household name in Meiningen, and his “animal experiments” are always very entertaining. “We wanted him back because he was so good,” says Frank Heinecke. With the program “Lizard,” Hatsius brings to life animal figures from chickens to camels — his star, the lizard, of course — and their mouths, noses, and beaks don’t mince when it comes to social criticism. As the artist is passionate about improvisation, the audience is always part of the “Echs-periments”. So every evening will be different.

“The Cast”, an a cappella band from the Hamburg area, will make a second attempt after Meiningen on March 24 after not performing during the pandemic. What is unusual about this powerfully vocal sextet of three women and three men is that they turn to operatic music in the program “No Limits,” accompanied only by piano. “They reinterpret the opera and play the scenes,” Frank Heinecke explains.

Andrea Limmer’s topic for March 26 is “The striving of others – class reunion 5.0”. “A young cabaret artist who meets very successful classmates in her program. I met this artist two years ago at the Kulturbors in Freiburg and was thrilled,” reveals the festival coordinator. He is very happy about the former teacher Christine Eisenberger, who will visit Meiningen on April 29 with “Freedom of Imagination”: “Glad it worked. She is really great. Cabaret artist Hans Klaffel also recommends them. She looks a lot like him, only female and younger. You can see her more often on Bavarian television. But it’s still an insider tip. “

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After a live experience, Frank Heinecke had “Spoiled from the Spot” with the Peter Hesseler Quartet and “Jabaret” – a cross between jazz and cabaret. Not only playing music here, but also very interesting and interesting chats about music. May 4 to experience in Meiningen.

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