Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla visits Ireland with Droids’ DLC rage | Role playing games

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla visits Ireland with Droids' DLC rage |  Role playing games

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, the latest headline from the Ubisoft franchise, gets the wrath of the Druids expansion on May 13, 2021. Tech Today The game underwent a detailed review at the time of its release, and now we are testing additional content as well. Here are the first impressions of the latest Viking voyage that takes the player to Ireland in a big and rich DLC. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is available for download on PlayStation 4 (PS4), PC, and Xbox One, and optimized versions for PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X, and Series S.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla requirements for download on PC

Eivor should help new friends in new lands – Photo: Reproduction / Eric Figueroa

The Wrath of the Druids was discovered in Ireland, a country different from the main game on the Norwegian-English coast. Additional content can be accessed by the player at any time, but the level recommended by the developer to access it is from the 90s. In addition to the initial part, it still happens on the main map, and the whole story takes place in a new scene.

In it, Viking Ivor the Wolf kisses a merchant who invites her to visit Ireland and, curiously, her cousin Barid is one of several local kings. The protagonist soon becomes involved in a deadly goo plot plot to assassinate Flan Cinna, the greatest king of Ireland, in which the Druid cult seeks to assassinate him.

As usual in the franchise, Ivor will meet with several historians from Ireland on his trip, including Barid and Flan Sinna, already mentioned. In addition to them, there are some adaptations related to their real life versions but other famous and legendary people in the area are appearing.

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Viking opens up new space for exploration – Photo: Reproduction / Eric Figueroa

Be a Viking on a new – immense – earth

Druid Wrath – Season Pass will cost PSN 4 164 more than just the extra content created to get extra money for fans. Between our tests, we felt that Ubisoft was an extension that went beyond expectations, and added a lot more. Starts on a new map that is bigger than the main adventure.

There are many new places to explore and secrets to unveil on stage, which is already a trademark of the franchise. Introducing new points of interest, there are many side missions available to entertain the players. The expansion also expands the number of items that can be purchased in the game by adding new weapons, clothing, and accessories.

You can explore Ireland by land and sea and discover new exciting things. Escapes from predators, castles, and beasts are scattered throughout the country, and the player who decides to pursue such places will be rewarded.

On the journey to the country will face many enemies – Photo: Reproduction / Eric Figueroa

However, exploring the country is not easy because Ireland is full of rivals who are protecting the wealth of this country. While many of the enemies are similar to the main adventure, the extension adds some new ones that will rethink whether it is better to loot your hideouts.

To help Ivor, new capabilities have been added that can be unlocked as a character level up. There are new weapons and items that help the hero to face the various challenges that Ireland offers.

But not only is the Irish people being exploited and killed, a Viking is living, especially in a country that is new and unknown. Anger of the Druids also offers some extra jobs in Ireland. The main city of adventure is the commercial port of Dublin, and Ivory has the opportunity to help expand the region’s economic and economic size. Therefore, the player can search and transfer natural resources and objects for the best items, which greatly increases the game time with the new package.

The game remains as beautiful as ever – Photo: Reproduction / Eric Figueroa

A land of many wonders

As usual in the franchise, Ubisoft did a great job of studying and re-creating Ireland in the ninth century. The country is home to some of the most famous monuments, common buildings and flora of the place. Even people’s clothes are similar to those used in this period.

The shield that Ever can achieve during an adventure trip to the Irish countries is also noteworthy. Although similar to major adventure travelers, this also applies to enemies who wear clothing and armor from the country and have traditional weapons and accessories from the area.

As in the main game, the graphics are still beautiful and the sounds are great for the experience. We played DLC with Brazilian Portuguese dubbing and the voice actors chosen for the new characters are excellent. Although some translation errors have been noticed, the overall experience is still good. Ubisoft has done a great job of localization that reflects the care of Brazilian players who cannot read or like their mother tongue in another language.

However, not everything is perfect, and the expansion continues with the issues presented in the main adventure. Some bugs still happen, they are harmless but others are even fun to watch. Enemy intelligence can sometimes be questioned, and loading problems during the adventure also presented the Droids’ rage, for example when the game was loaded in the middle of an activity such as walking.

Assassin’s Creed’s main adventure: If you enjoy and want more at Valhalla, this extension is for you. Irish New trip to Irish land is a lot of fun and gives you a good opportunity to spend more time with the title. WARNING: The Druids’ rage is so great that it takes more than five hours to complete everything – much more than other titles compared to other DLCs.

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