What happened yesterday on Capitol Hill

What happened yesterday on Capitol Hill

Three months after the attack on Congress, the United States returned to discuss the safety of parliament and members of parliament after a car driver tried to break through the barriers on Friday afternoon. One person was killed when he ran over two police officers.

The man got out of the car armed with a knife and threatened the officers who opened fire. He died at the hospital of his injuries. It includes two officers from the U.S. Capitol Police, a police force that specializes in the protection of members of the U.S. Congress and the territory of Parliament. The agent who was killed was named William Evans: He had been part of the police force for 18 years.

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The driver of the car was identified as Noah Green, 25, who had no criminal record. Investigators do not yet know the cause of the attack, but they have no reason to talk about terrorism: Washington, D.C. Police Chief Robert J. Conte explained. On his now-disabled Facebook account, Green recently reported that he had several personal problems in the last months of the epidemic and therefore quit his job, facing “fear, hunger and poverty.”

Green described himself as a supporter of the controversial leader Louis Farrakhan The Nation of IslamA political movement that preaches and preaches the emancipation of black people through the true interpretation of Islam – is equally controversial. Activist Malcolm X He was a leader of the group before some of its leaders were expelled and killed.
According to the theories behind the movement, the enslaved descendants of the African people must return to their native countries, the traditions and religion of Islam (which must be repeated that the Islam put forward by the movement differs from “traditional” Islam). Initially, the movement, founded in the 1930s, argued for the need for an independent black state in North America.
On Facebook, Green also talked about the “end of the world” and the Antichrist. Green was born in West Virginia and graduated with a degree in finance.

(AP Photo / Alex Brandon)

These days, the U.S. Parliament is suspended due to the Easter holiday, but the area is isolated for a few hours.
The incident reopened discussions about the security of the Congress area. Some of the barriers and fences that were added after the January 6 attacks were recently removed, and many legislators, especially Republicans, have suggested that security procedures should be simplified.
Some Democrats have argued that the parliamentary constituency still needs protection and that its weakening is dangerous and confirms the attack.

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President Joe Biden demanded that the flags of the White House be flown at half-mast, as well as that of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who placed the flags of the Capitol.

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