Apply UN sanctions against North Korea

Apply UN sanctions against North Korea

UNITED NATIONS (PA) – The United States and several European countries on Wednesday condemned North Korea’s missile tests and called on Pyongyang’s technological advances to expedite the implementation of sanctions against the United Nations’ nuclear and missile programs and their economic sectors. Activities.

U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield called on North Korea to stop “negligent provocations” that violate Security Council decisions on sanctions. He said talks with the Biden administration should begin without preconditions towards the goal of complete nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

He called on all countries to fully implement the UN sanctions, saying “we can prevent the development of more illegal weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs with DPRK funds, technology and knowledge.”

Thomas-Greenfield reiterated to reporters ahead of an emergency close-door council meeting on the latest North Korean missile test that the United States has promised to meet with officials from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the country’s official name. He made it clear to DPRK that we have no hostile intentions.

In a separate statement, three members of the Security Council of the European Union – Ireland, France and Estonia – reported on Monday that a ballistic missile launched from a submarine was part of a recent DPRK provocation. Weeks including short- and long-range ballistic missile launches, long-range cruise missiles, and “claiming to be a hypersonic glider.”

The launch of the new submarine missile “underscores the continued progress of DPRK’s nuclear and ballistic program, which has finally expressed its desire to achieve maritime-based nuclear capabilities.”

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EU Council members have called on North Korea to “stop destabilizing activities immediately and take strong action to abandon ballistic missiles” in a manner that is “complete, verifiable and irreversible,” including weapons of mass destruction.

Ireland, France and Estonia have called on North Korea to respond favorably to repeated promises from the United States and South Korea, saying there is no other way to bring peace, security and stability to the Korean Peninsula.

The 15-member Security Council heard a briefing from UN Under-Secretary-General Mohammed Khalid Kiari on the latest missile tests but made no statement.

The council imposed tougher sanctions on North Korea, demanding a halt to its nuclear and ballistic missile operations, and severely restricted imports and exports. But North Korea continues to launch more sophisticated missiles in defiance of council resolutions, increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula and in the region.

Thomas-Greenfield said the Biden administration was determined to work with the international community to reduce tensions and maintain peace on the Korean Peninsula. “The US commitment to defend South Korea and Japan is” tough, “he said.

He criticized the Security Council Committee overseeing sanctions against North Korea, saying it was “not doing its job”.

“We have to enforce these violations,” he said. “We need to speed up the implementation of sanctions, but we have not. In particular, we need to focus on those who violate sanctions and those who engage in activities that violate sanctions. “

The U.S. ambassador did not name any country, but a panel of experts oversees the implementation of sanctions, citing violations by North Korea’s neighbors China and Russia.

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