Csio Piazza di Siena: The 89th edition with 25,000 spectators resumes horse racing competition and Villa Borghese – Video

Csio Piazza di Siena: The 89th edition with 25,000 spectators resumes horse racing competition and Villa Borghese - Video

The four-day competitions and events will leave a legacy of the best use of the beautiful space where the museum tour completed and set up a free WiFi area to work and study.

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The international equestrian competition that concluded last Sunday with the traditional carousel of the Carabinieri did not fail to live up to expectations. The extraordinary victory of the French team in the Nations Cup and the second time the Irish Denis Lynch won the Rolex Rome Grand Prix from a purely athletic point of view. Free admission and a large number of events for the general public were able to attend.

“More than 25 thousand spectators, with a turnover of 3.5 million euros, about 15 million ROMs, more than 500 people around the age of 27 are employed. Diego Nepi MolinerisEvent Director and CEO of Sport & Health (Connie).

In the name of sports and health – he adds – because in this year’s partnership we had extraordinary sharing and union, and only with these values ​​can some results be achieved. We receive international praise, which honors us and motivates us to do better and better. Since the inception of this partnership, we have set ourselves a goal that the Piazza de Siena will last not only four days, but up to 365. In the next few hours we will complete a tour of the Museum of the Valley of the Trees, and to transform the Piazza de Siena into a place to work and study, we also started offering free Wi-Fi, an area where not only Romans but also children and tourists can live. This distinction between an event and its heritage is an aspect that we pay close attention to.

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Excited about this edition as well Sarah Referee Monty, Show director of Piazza di Siena. “The appreciation we get – he notes – is so much for the theater in particular, and not only that: the Knights go and thank us, but we know it all depends on them. But we have to thank the people who worked on this event and those who are always behind.

Each Marco di Paola, President Fise, This was an amazing edition, the first after the Pandemic, without limits. ” An exciting moment – he says – felt like the first day of school. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Municipality and the Romans for their awareness of Diego Napi Molineris, and for wanting to follow the path that leads to the conscious, dignified and useful use of monuments in connection with the conduct of a sporting event. . Piazza di Siena wants to be an example, it was a beautiful edition, a very successful event; Rome has hosted many events during this period and we are pleased to be one of them.

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