All the economic and political priorities of the UK in the Queen’s Speech

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How the UK moves in the economy, immigration, Brexit, Northern Ireland and so on. Article by Daniel Meloni

Measures to improve the economy, as well as equal opportunities between the regions of Northern Ireland – the so-called leveling up – immigration, Brexit and much more, in the Queen’s speech, were first mentioned by Prince Charles of Wales. .

Johnson’s gag with Stormer

Yesterday’s inauguration of the 2022-2023 Parliamentary session was the first direct confrontation between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition leader Sir Care Stormr since the May 5 local elections and the resumption of the investigation into Birgate. At the Durham Police Labor House. As the two marched from the House of Commons to the House of Lords where Charles’ sermon took place, Johnson asked Stormer: “Did you have a good weekend?” Parliamentary sources reported. This is explained by the shot of the two smiling together. Stormer had to call a press conference over the weekend after days of media pressure to announce that he would step down if fined for violating lockdown regulations. Anyway, the real hero of yesterday’s and subsequent days is the Tory government’s program, which is scheduled for 6 days, so resolutions and amendments will be discussed in the Queen’s speech before the final vote. The result is clear: Johnson has a majority of 79 deputies, and the dangers of ending up like the Tory premier Stanley Baldwin in 1924, when Parliament denied faith in the Queen’s speech, are virtually non-existent.

38 bills, transportation and infrastructure in the first row

38 Bills – Laws – Laws – Government hopes to make laws – There is a Leveling Up and Regeneration Bill, which gives the Tories more power over local authorities in matters of control over small towns and villages; Transportation Bill to establish a new authority to regulate the railway system under the name of Great British Railways; A Harbor Bill (as in the P&O case) that gives port authorities the right to refuse docking at ports to companies that do not pay the minimum wage to their employees; Creation of an Infrastructure Bank designed to finance new infrastructure projects and the development of High-Speed ​​2, a high-speed network named after the Crew-Manchester Bill.

Channel 4 sales and pro-Brexit standards

In the media field, the disputed privatization of Channel 4 will continue within a media bill that will give control over the British Agcom, Ofcom and streaming services. The National Security Bill would instead give the secret services more powers to prosecute espionage, and there is already a draft to create a register of influences to monitor the activities of foreign countries in the UK. The “sheet” of Brexit enforcement laws is governed by Brexit Minister Jacob Reese-Mogg, and provides for a Freedom Bill that allows ministers in various departments to legislate in place of European Community legislation using British law. The new rights bill will replace the human rights law, intended by the Tory government.

Northern Ireland on Shields

In Northern Ireland, the commitment to honor Good Friday agreements was reaffirmed, but according to rumors, the ministers did not mention the new powers that the government would have given them to repeal the Northern Irish Protocol in their areas of competence. The Northern Ireland Issues (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill is a far cry from the Second, limiting the scope of future British military investigations and prosecution in Belfast and further access to information for victims’ families. Troubles. Finally, it is perhaps a novelty related to Sinn Fin’s rise to power, and the introduction of an Identity and Language Northern Ireland Bill for the recognition of the Irish language in Northern Ireland.

Finance: New UK regulations

Bills are financed along with bills aimed at promoting corporate transparency (Audit Reform Bill) and prosecuting financial crimes. The Procurement Bill paves the way for the British way to replace European laws on the purchase of goods and services by the public sector from the private sector. The Financial Services and Markets Bill simplifies laws relating to the prosperous financial services sector and re-enacts European legislation.

Inflation and Carvity: Torres Press Johnson

Johnson knows that citizens expect more from the high cost of living and the prevention of inflation. The Prince of Wales’s speech made general reference to the Government’s commitment to mitigating the burden of the financial crisis on those most in need. Westminster is debating an emergency finance bill that should be passed before next fall. While it cannot be ruled out that Chancellor Suna will no longer be in charge of it, it does not seem so convincing. The Bank of England expects inflation to reach 10% by the end of the year, and the Tories are divided between those who want to spend money to keep Johnson’s income and those who want to cut taxes and present it to voters.

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