The government assures the people

The government assures the people

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After agreeing to avoid a particularly low corporate tax rate, Ireland is trying to reassure its entrepreneurial community, and especially the population, that it is concerned about the impact of such a change in taxation. The strategy seems to be working: the population does not seem to be more afraid of reform.

With our correspondent in Dublin, That’s itMelin Win

Workers in the multinational district of Dublin, Jack and Martin are worried about the consequences of an agreement between their country and the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

12.5% ​​tax is an incentive, Jack explains, This is a major attraction for foreign investment. Now, companies are abandoning their teams instead of strengthening them.

But with the agreement of the OECD, Martin retorted, In any case, companies have to pay 15%. Ireland understands 2.5% more than any other country!

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Less pessimistic, but more destructive, John expects nothing to change: ” To be honest, going 12.5 to 15% is not that big. They will find a way to transfer their money and pay as little as possible , He considers.

Jim Stewart, assistant professor of finance at Trinity College, confirms the small risk of moving digital giants:

The posted rate can be 12.5% ​​or 15%, and thanks to tax credits, the actual rate is often much lower. In addition, the digital giants have other advantages to settling in Ireland: especially the lack of restrictions, the lack of Irish means … or the lack of desire.

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Along with the tax system, Ireland’s failure to regulate the GAFA represents key points of conflict with other EU countries.

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