Admiral Markets constantly moving forward towards its success story with its rebranded name, Admiral

The financial sector was extremely affected in the year 2020. This was noted by the CEO of Admiral Markets as they celebrated the company’s 20th anniversary in March 2021. With the global pandemic outbreak in 2020 the market became very volatile. While many organizations were impacted negatively, the extreme volatility of 2020 seemed to have impacted Admiral Markets positively. Sergei Bogatenkov, the Chief Executive of Admiral Markets said that it laid a strong foundation for the future trading and investing habits of many people across the world.

Admiral Markets enjoyed an impressive 2020 since the retail demand skyrocketed with the Covid-19 spurred market volatility.  When the company published its unaudited financials in 2020, it showed significant jumps across all performance metrics. The trading volumes increased by 68%. This was a great improvement from the year 2019 which was considered to be a stable year. It is this impressive growth that saw Admiral Markets seek to expand into new territories and newer markets.

Admirals have been in pursuit of making their global presence felt in the year 2021. During the first six months, the company opened a first-of-its-kind European-origin FinTech office in Amman, Jordan. It commenced operations in June 2021. Admirals also made a huge stride in their global expansion efforts when they attained their financial license in South Africa.  The company also has a long-term goal to continue expansion in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Admirals is listed and considered to be one of the best entities to learn forex trading. The company is primarily a MetaTrader forex broker. It caters to everyone, whether you are a beginner or a pro at trading. It offers a beginners’ guide to the different types of stocks. This enables beginners to understand the various terminology used by investors. For these reasons, Admirals finished among the best forex brokers for beginners in 2020. The website also gives you insight on how to identify overvalued stocks. You also get updates on the latest market news. Additionally, the website offers free trading podcasts that are hosted by experienced traders. This ensures that the users are well-versed and get to understand the ropes and aim to be successful in their trading as well.

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Result of the achieved milestone

During the company’s anniversary in March this year, the company announced its rebranding from Admiral Markets to Admirals. The transition is a reflection of the journey the company has been on for the past 20 years and a standpoint of the company currently. The ethos of the company is innovation, streamlining personal finance that mirrors large-scale investments into IT, R&D, and excellent product development over the past two years.

With the rebranding, Admirals has introduced a wide range of products and services that aim to make personal finance even more transparent and accessible.  The company acquired a platform that offers peer-to-peer lending. This enables the next generation to have access to capital through crowding and friends. The rebranding of Admirals came at a crucial time when the company was amid remarkable growth and in pursuit of global expansion.

Admirals have generally had an impressive first half of 2021. The first six months have seen the company expand and grow into new territories. Despite the unprecedented times brought about by the pandemic, Admirals aimed to assist the people who experienced setbacks and obstacles in the financial sector.

The rebranding of Admirals was definitely a great marketing strategy. It helped the company change its image and fit into the market better. They have also been able to create a unique identity from their competitors. With their aim to have their global presence felt, attaining the financial license in South Africa will help Admirals tap into the African market. The wide array of services and products they offer on their website has also seen Admirals be considered one of the best websites to learn forex trading.

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