Omiciron thwarted the EU’s strategy against Kovid

Omiciron thwarted the EU's strategy against Kovid

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Only last Thursday did European commissioners Didier Reinders and Yilva Johansson present new recommendations from Brussels on the journey to the Kovid era. The idea was to shift from a territorial basis to a people-based approach. From the series: Immunizations can travel to the EU only with a green pass, regardless of the negative swab or quarantine, even if they come from a red or crimson EU member state. It was an attempt to protect those who made the vaccine. no way. Within a week of the Reinders’ and Johansson’s announcements, Ursula von Der Lane was forced to return to action.

The President of the European Commission will do this at a press conference tomorrow. They have been forced to break because of the new still mysterious variant Omicron, which has been sowing fears since Friday and hurting stock markets dangerously. However, as various European sources agree, many member states are resisting: both, because they want to retain the right to block travel from highly contagious countries, and because of the delay in providing the booster, they disagree with the latter. Recommendations for the week. Namely: The idea of ​​reducing the duration of the Green Pass to 9 months.

That’s why, since yesterday, European Council President Charles Michael has been trying to organize an extraordinary video conference of national leaders. The date is not yet written on the calendar, but the summit can be held on Friday or the weekend. An explanation is urgently needed. The commission, which last week sought to coordinate anti-Kovid measures among 27 people to reward those who have been vaccinated, is struggling to establish itself. For example, anyone coming from a Portuguese, red or crimson area immediately violated the new rules by sweeping. ECDC map, Union Centers for Disease Control.

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In short, even if the commission tries to close the barn, the bulls will run away. Concerns that each state would resume self-determination – as it did last year – were high in Brussels even before the omiciron variant was known. The latest ECDC map without the Green Zones in Europe was enough to set a definite alarm about trips to the Union Chancellors. With omega-3s, the fear of a random reaction increased. Without coordination, anything can happen, the Shenzhen region will pose serious risks, and freedom of movement will end at the mercy of national decisions.

To say: Today, by mid-November, the Netherlands has acknowledged the presence of omiciron in the country, and before the cases in South Africa are known, some European states may end their ties with Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. Or, in light of the fact that the whole of Eastern Europe, including Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland, is dark red on the ECDC map, other national governments may decide to terminate connections from these regions.

Here, von der Lane wants to prevent the EU from once again becoming an enigma of different decisions. It is likely to discourage vaccinators in red areas and ruin the still-needed vaccination campaign. President Michelle is of the same opinion. Meanwhile, the commission president today told other commissioners one thing about the state of emergency that Omichron has begun. Watchwords: vaccines, boosters, tracking, no panic.

The problem is reaching an agreement with all 27 leaders. The differences affect not only the journey but also the length of the green pass. The Commission wants to increase this to 9 months to speed up the third dose. This is the same approach of the Draghi government. But many states are not ready.

For example, Germany is struggling with its first vaccination cycle: the percentage of adults who have been vaccinated has not yet reached 70 percent (68.5%), and infections have begun to increase even before the Omicron alarm. In the last 24 hours, 45,753 Kovid cases and 388 deaths were reported, however, the number of weekly cases per 100,000 residents dropped to 452.2 for the first time in three weeks, compared to 452.4 reported in the previous seven days. Due to the lack of space in the German structure, Berlin began to send patients to foreign hospitals, including Lombardy. According to media reports, Chancellor of the Exchequer Olaf Scholes has endorsed the introduction of the vaccination liability.

It is not excluded that during the period of the Green Pass the leaders will gradually find a contract for a contract rather than a dry pass for 12 to 9 months. But there is another topic of discussion on the table, not so important: Anti-Kovid serum contributions to Africa and the most developed countries. It is now clear that the risk of variants will always be a cornerstone in all rich and poor countries of the world, unless the whole world is vaccinated.

But in their video conference, the 27 European leaders will limit themselves to talking about donations, perhaps increasing them, and preparing for vaccination campaigns, and the problem in South Africa is not the shortage of bottles, but the difficulty of convincing people. Get vaccinated. However, as the European Parliament has been urging for some time, as Joe Biden says, the Council of Europe has been ruled out of the debate on the sharing of patents’ intellectual property. Even the US President has not yet presented a proposal.

The theme continues to be a workhorse for South Africa, India and the other 100 WTO member states, NGOs and associations that have been active in patent liberalization campaigns, but have failed to enter into negotiations, not just on European government decisions: Angela Merkel and Bayonne have been on the run.

Meanwhile, while leaders are looking for a common direction, experts at Omikron all say the opposite. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) guarantees that the already approved vaccines will be “effective” for the new variant, “if necessary, it will take 3-4 months for the serum to adapt to Omicon”. Shortly afterwards, Modena’s CEO Stefan Bansal speaks. “I do not think there is a way to be as effective as Delta,” Bansel said in an interview with the Financial Times website. It’s unpredictable, “he said.” I do not know how much we have to wait for data. But all the scientists I’ve talked to say it’s not going to be good.

EU leaders will have to look for a light in this semi-concentrated scientific darkness in Omicon. The new variant creates “a new risk” as it creates “uncertainty and volatility” in the European economy, says Paulo Gentiloni, commissioner of economics. “I do not see conditions for new lockdowns,” he adds, but “conditions for certain restrictions are justified” and “likely” that problems will arise in areas such as “tourism”.

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