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Adhoc Restaurant in Amiens offers food to students

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News: A 14-year-old schoolboy has filed a sexual harassment complaint against his principal

A scandal erupted this week at the private high school Saint-Gene-de-Passi in the Sixteenth Amendment in Paris. Daniel Chappellier, the director of this prestigious institution, has been charged with “sexual assault on a minor” since last June. France Televisions met him in 2011 when he was director of Stanislas College in the Sixth Arandisement. Man is a powerful figure in Catholic education. The board of directors warned the families of 2,900 students in an email sent on Thursday, February 11, reminding them that Saturday, February 13 is 19/20. Many young people make similar claims. A 14-year-old schoolboy alleges that the principal made inappropriate gestures when he was summoned to the office due to disciplinary issues. The 71-year-old director has denied the allegations, his lawyer said. The investigation has begun. Other boys report similar facts in front of French television cameras. “He asks me if I’ve seen pornographic content on the internet, and how many times, and how many times I’m masturbating,” one young man assures. The director resigned. A listening cell was set up for the students.

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