Highschools RC cars are designed for a race … on the moon

Highschools RC cars are designed for a race ... on the moon

Some readers may have to pause in disbelief for this story, but it is Is OK. There are plans to build two radio-controlled cars to run on the lunar surface. This is not some pet plan devised by NASA scientists – high school students will build these cars and eventually drive them, but not as you might imagine Approx As easy as that.

The company behind this crazy idea is Moon Mark, and madness has a method. The clear mission is to boldly inspire the new generation of science-minded adventurers Go The race, which no one has competed in before, is literally a good place to start some friendly races with speed outside of this world. However, inspiration does not come from the original race. Six teams of students will take part in the competition and advance through qualifying rounds ranging from drone operations to space commercialization and select two teams for the final fight.

Although not explicitly, commercialization is another aspect of this effort. Moonmark is the first private company to land on the moon, partnering with Houston – based awareness machines. Therefore, the run will only be part of this mission to the moon, and the vehicles will remain on the surface for additional experiments, although details of the extended mission are unknown.

In this regard, car designs are also unknown, but there are some Seriously Fire Power supports the students on that ground. Frank Stephenson Design exists as a partner, if the name sounds familiar, because Stephenson has a long history in the automotive industry. Ferrari And McLaren, Among others. NASA also has a hand in the aerospace company Lunarpotpost, The Mentor Project. In 2021 the space agency gave their first commercial lunar mission in 2019 to cognitive machines.

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Accordingly New AtlasRace is not a crawl, pre-programmed, ultra-low-speed craft. The cars are designed with suspensions capable of landing after catching “air” from obstacles, and they are controlled in real time around a track set by coordinates. of course, Live In this case it means that the communication delay between the Earth and the Moon will be delayed by about three seconds. Yes, depending on the commercialization aspect, the race will be broadcast and sponsorship opportunities will be available.

If all goes according to plan, the cars and other items will be launched on a Space X Falcon 9 rocket and land on the moon next October. If funded, it could be one of the most expensive auto races in racing history.

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