A believer in the heart of the New York ghetto

A believer in the heart of the New York ghetto

A job is never easy to find and find, but when it is right, when the person is matched with his deepest desires, life is naturally connected. This is what happened to Franവois – today in the religious life of his brother Franോois – at the center of Arnaud Fournier Montgieux’s magnificent documentary film.

With short shaved hair, a short beard, and a gray wall cap cut to a point (by the Capuchins), with a white cord wrapped around his waist and sandals on his feet, Francois’ brother speaks calmly and with moderation of words. It hides a burning heart “Given to Jesus” After an excellent study at the Ecole Central de Paris. A Christmas Mass in Paris with parents, a vague emotion “Bumblebee” After three years of railway engineering, at the instigation of a religious aunt in Mexico, St. Jude reads a novena (nine-day prayer), a book about the Franciscans in the Bronx, where the young man begins an existential questioning. find out “Its the right place” in the world.

The path he chooses after his call is one of the most uncompromising of the apostolic path: he gives up everything to live poor with the poor. “Evidence of Hope”, In the Franciscan of the Broncos or “Franciscans of the Renewal” community created in 1987.

At the age of eight, they are now one hundred and thirty years old. Adopted its name), making it its mission to share the daily lives of those who are not wanted by society.

“Source of Happiness”

Arnaud Fournier Montgieux’s purpose is generous: after a first documentary ഔSAT L OVERGNAT In 2018, the director wants to show it in relation to the question of the meaning of life “Relationships with the weakest are the source of happiness”, He overcomes the difficulties, vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities of filmmakers with the difficulty of portraying them on screen. The project was born in 2016, a few years after meeting Franോois.

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Thus, Brother Franോois lived for four years in the community of Newark Ghetto, New Jersey (United States), at the urging of his apostolic calling. “Blessed are you poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.” Is it written in the Gospel of Luke? Religious people, often portrayed in front of the camera – like his brothers in society, find that their whole lives are governed by charity, prayer and poverty – and see Jesus crucified in another, the poor and needy. .

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