Blue Line 27 August, Gargano, National Park, Trabucci, Reste

Linea Blu 27 agosto

The presenter arrives in Puglia to explore the beauty of the Gargano region.

A new episode Blue Line. Heading Donatella Bianchi, around Fabio Gallo. The appointment is over as usual Rai 1 At 14:00, right after the news.

The presenter visited last week Alikudi and Filikudi, in the Aeolian Islands. However, today he goes to Puglia on patrol Gargano.

Blue Line 27 August, Gargano, National Park

On the August 27 episode of Linea Blue Donatella Bianchi Arriving in Puglia to visit Gargano. It is formed almost entirely by mountainous terrain Limestones. They also reach the coast where some live Caves Indescribable beauty.

The The first step And The Umbra Forest It was approved in 2017 UNESCO heritage For its ancient beech trees. There Natural wealth Gives opportunity to visitors 15 Follow the auxiliary paths 54 km long is being developed. There is also A Natural Museum divided into three categories: one Natural collection With dead animals, for one Artifact collection Also contains exhibits A model Gargano portrays the promontory at scale.

Controlled by the Umbra Forest Gargano National Park, Last year the operation celebrated 30 years. In fact it was established in 1991. National park is characterized by a Rich vegetation This is a A variety of animals. beyond Beech, Yew, Maple, Lime, Alepean Pine Can be appreciated Wild boars, weasels, fallow deer and five different species of woodpeckers.

Blue Line, Trabucci

Viewers are also shown Donatella Bianchi in the episode that aired today Trabucci. They are gods Ancient fishing machines made of wood. These giants of the sea Vieste and Peschici dominate the coast Some of them are still functional.

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The presenter also interviews some of the members Coast Guard’s Diver Nucleus For an important project. They are actually engaged Recovery of “residues”. Gargano’s deep. They are gods Plastic nets usedMussel farming It is also very complicated Dispose of such industrial wastes.

with some interpreters of of the legambient Depicting the plan The muscles of life. It was born from the idea of ​​promoting an innovative and circular supply chain that benefits both the economy and the ocean. Significantly reduce the dispersion of these chains in water. It has two areas, one to develop the recycling plant and the other to replace the nets made of different materials.

this week Fabio Gallo Located on the Tyrrhenian Sea to maintain Sea project. A on the board Sailing catamaran Forty-five feet, with a Laboratory We sail for twelve weeks to analyze the health of our seas.

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