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6 Nations Tournament 2021 – 6 Nations Tournament 2021: Who are the favorites?

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6 Nations Tournament – The 2021 6 Nations Tournament kicks off this weekend, three months after the end of the 2020 tournament. Despite the uncertainties and meetings behind closed doors, expectations for this new version are very high. While some will inevitably rise above others, many countries have the opportunity. Let’s see who is the successor of XV de la Rose.

Can XV de la Rose win for itself?

By 2020, the Vice World Champions had a remarkable year in terms of numbering. The latter continues in the winning 6 Nations tournament and a title in the Autumn Nation Cup. The XV of Rose He has a record of eight wins in nine meetings. In terms of the game being built, the English are still efficient. For Clive WoodwardXV de la Rose is the coach of the 2003 World Champion. “England is the strongest and most consistent team in Europe”, He said Daily Mail.

The English have a very practical game based on occupation and defense. However, this game, which one can qualify as “restricted”, is often criticized. Criticisms have been raised from two opposing meetings XV of France A year ago England bowed in Paris. Three months ago, at her garden in Twickenham, she faced a lot of humiliation against the French team. However, England have a major advantage this winter: France hosts Twickenham.

As for the English workforce, its value is no longer proven. This is one of the most beautiful in the world, with so many players in their posts. Ahead, we think of brothers Vunipola Or Maro Itoje. The back is inevitable Owen Farrell Or winger Johnny May. Its tank is also one of the best. In fact, some positions are double or triple. For example, we think of the third line. lack of Sam Underhill Can be overcome Jack Willis Or Ben El. Eddie Jones Even without the best European player of 2020, Sam Simmonds. We will still be curious to see how the Saracens players (Farrell, Itoje, Wunipola) who have not played recently will return. Of course, the London team is playing in the English Second Division, having played very few games recently.

France XV, excellent dynamics despite a complicated schedule

After ten years of stagnation, who would have thought this XV of France Can you find such beautiful colors in a single season? New staff led Fabian Galti, Drove France out of trouble. 2020 is an extraordinary year for the French. Already, there has been a tournament with four wins, especially against England, Ireland or Wales. In the fall, the French reached the final of the Coupe de Atom. The Blues nurtured their success with excellent defense, a masterful occupation game, and an attacking game that confuses opponents. However, unlike the English, the French have not yet won a crown. So the Blues, who have not won a tournament since 2010, will be under a lot of pressure.

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Today, France has one of the best numbers in the world. Some players are considered the best in the world in their posts. At Olympic noon, Robbie DeansThe former Australian coach spoke on these termsAntoine DuPont, Since Gregory Aldrit, Since Cyril Bailey Or even Fallen farmers. Also, the French Reservoir is quite impressive. The best example? This great performance of the young blues at Twickenham last December. We are also thinking about the U20 World Championships in 2018 and 2019. In terms of the calendar, the Blues will have to challenge the Irish and English on their land.

Clover Edition 2018 or 2020 XV?

For two years, the XV of Clover Shows a drop in level. In 2018, I wish you a Grand Slam and a great victory against the All Blacks this year. Since then, Irish efficiency seems to be declining. Team members at the World Cup Jonathan Sexton The look on his face was very disappointing All black In the quarter-finals, not to mention their defeat Japan In the chicken. In 2020, the Irish set a new record with six wins in nine games. They knew how to control teams like Wales and Scotland, but could not upset the French or the English. Andy Farrell, The coach of XV du Troef, however, seems to be very optimistic. « We are not far from France or England. ”, He mentioned at a press conference last week.

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In the workforce, the Irish are struggling to replace older executives. It’s hard for players like him to find successors Jonathan Sexton (35 years old), Rory Best (37 years old, retired) or Cian Healy (33 years old). The Irish in front also had less dominance. In their very practical game, it is essential to dominate forward. However, one thing is for sure, the most favorable calendar of participating teams is in Irish. Of course, they will accept XV of France And XV of Rose In Dublin. Last year, Truffle’s XV never missed a meeting in its den.

XV du Chardon: Will the stars finally deploy?

Scotland has been on an upward slope for many years. Men from Gregor Townsend Feels more and more firm. The XV of the bush It clearly integrated world-class players into its team. We can wake up Finn Russell During the inauguration, and not only Johnny Gray Or Rory Sutherland In the pack. Scotland seems to have a typical team capable of subverting any country. The problem? The reservoir is the Achilles heel in Scotland. Injury collection at 6 Nations tournaments often puts an end to Scots aspirations.

In 2020, after a catastrophe, the players of Greg Townsend were able to raise their heads. The Scots, who finished fourth in the tournament, defeated France at Murrayfield, and XV de la Rose impressed for a long time. But the best performance since 2002 was this win from Wales. They also finished fourth in the Autumn Cup, with some regrets after a short final against Ireland. Captain after this match Stuart Hogg He predicted a bright future for his team. « I think we are on the right track to do something extraordinary. “ In 2020, the record was right with five wins in nine games. This year, to be successful, the XV du Chardon must have at least one achievement in Paris or London.

Upcoming Crisis for XV du Leak?

Wales was the fourth country to appear with new staff in 2020, in addition to France, Ireland and Italy. But Wayne Pivac, The new coach, in particular, has lived a devastating year. Wales have won just three of their last 10 matches. Also, of their three wins, two against Italy and one against Georgia. After all, there have been historic failures in the receptions of France and Scotland. It is difficult to replace Warren Gottland And Sean Edwards !

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In terms of manpower, we see a decline in the level of players who were at the forefront two years ago. In addition, there were numerous injuries. We think of players like Gareth Unscomb, Josh Navidi Or Liam Williams, Was essential in the 2019 Grand Slam Gareth Davis Dan Bigar | Looks like the end of a cycle is coming. In short, like Ireland, Wales is struggling to renew its workforce. It’s hard to see him as a favorite back then. With the adoption of the English and the Irish the calendar would be favorable to Welsh within limits. They still have to go to Paris.

Verdict: Leaving England with little gain

Obviously, it’s hard to articulateItaly When talking about favorites. Of course, Transalpine has not won a tournament since 2015 Wales Too bad to be a contender for the title. TheScotland AndIreland Create the best outsiders. If we need to find a favorite, the choice seems to be very delicate between the two countries. This status is clearly playedEngland And France, With excellent staff and excellent dynamics. However, theEngland It will come out with a small gain as it gets in France’s XV Twickenham.

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