Series. Torn-et-Garonis 2021: Audrey Forlani, The Beam of XV in France

Series.  Torn-et-Garonis 2021: Audrey Forlani, The Beam of XV in France

Audrey Forlani has built a sporting career, from the rugby school at Stade Beaumontoise, which began at the age of six, to the France team that celebrated its 50th selection by defeating the New Zealand world champions. The best is probably coming from the second line of Blognock.

You must always believe in your dreams. Since childhood, Audrey Forlani has always had the shape of a rugby ball. Normally, you would tell me, when you grow up in Beaumont-de-Lomagne in the Oval where pure genius blossoms, of course we think of the brilliant Skrum-Half Max Barrow, as well as Jean-Pierre Rives. , Michelle Lazar, Christian Lanta or Lionel Four. Only boys in this gallery of international players from Beaumont. Missing a girl … so it must be Audrey Forlani.

“When I was 4-5 years old, I came to the stadium in Beaumont to see my player brother. On the edge of the field, I always had a ball in my hands. When I was old enough, when I was 6, my parents introduced me to rugby. After that, I never stopped. “
Twenty-four years later, when she played for Blognock, one of the best French clubs, and shared all her experiences with her French teammates, Audrey, who started her first international selection in 2011, lived to think about almost all rugby. Minutes …

It’s a lot of work, a lot of sacrifices, but in the end, I do not regret anything. Happiness wins.

On December 31, just days after joining Marcos for the first preparatory camp for the 6-nation tournament with the Blues, Beaumontis is delighted to return to where it all started. His parents, Jean-Pierre and Daniel, were teachers and she was the secretary of the rugby school. Their sons, Michael and Audrey, suddenly became infected. The youngest member of the family explains, “It’s basically a game of excitement. It’s a game that has become a dream, and gradually, finally, I’m so happy to be here today after all these stages. ‘Huh.
Audrey is grateful to her parents and to all the SBLR teachers who “pushed and helped her”.

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His 5 dates

September 1997
The day my parents enrolled me in Beaumont Rugby School. My brother Michael was already playing there.
June 2007
My first champion title in France was with the youngest in St.-Orens.
Tuesday 2016
The 6-nation tournament thanked for the victory over England. Two years later we won the Grand Slam.
August 2017
Along with the France team, I was selected for the World Cup in Ireland. We finished third behind New Zealand and England.
November 13, 2021
That day, I celebrated my 50th cap with the French team, and we beat defending world champions New Zealand in Pau.

After 10 years in the “blue and white” jersey, the teenager decided to move to Haute-Garonne in 2007. “So she puts her sports bag in the locker room in St. Orence and joins the Hope Center in Jolimont. From the first season, this born rival lifts the shield of the French junior champion. When St.-Orens reached the Elite 1 of women’s rugby in 2009, the young Beaumontoys were part of the adventure.

On November 20, Audrey Forlani and teammates held a lap-off honor at the Castres after the French ‘great victory (29-7) over the New Zealand World Champions.
DDM – DDM Emily Care

Blognock Rugby is an adventure that continues to this day under the Feminine Jersey, a club created in 2013 at St.-Oren’s attached to Blognock.
This 2021 season, the Blagnacaises were supposed to be the champions of France. After eliminating their opponents at Toulouse Stadium in the semifinals, the crown extended their hands against Romagnet. “A home final is not usually a defeat. This defeat was painful and I struggled to recover. We did not know how to handle our highlights. We have a youth group, but we learn the most from defeat and come back stronger there. “In order not to keep this bitter taste in our mouths, next spring, the Blognockies will have to rely on their second tier to get to the final step.

How many “black ferns” did she drop on the paw?

In the French team, Audrey Forlani experienced an extraordinary moment: a double victory over the “Black Fains”, the New Zealand team, and the reigning world champions, with no slight victories: 38-13 in its first Test match. The Autumn Tour played in Pau and 29-7 eight days later at the Pierre-Antoine Stadium in Castres. “For the first of these Test matches in Pau on November 13, I celebrated my 50th Cape,” Audrey recalls, still having stars in her eyes.

50th choice per person.
? Another is the first international test.

? An unforgettable day for our entire team
???#FRANZL #XVdeFrance #NeFaisonsXV

– French Rugby (ranceFranceRugby) November 13, 2021

Observers have not estimated the number of “black ferns” struck by Beaumontois. “Physically, they are denser than we are. If we do not abandon them from the beginning, they will move on. We took the lead in this match. Audrey Forlani thinks that the French team can win a big 6-nation tournament (with the date she has already checked, April 30, England’s reception looks like the final of the 2022 tournament in Beyonc)). Before going to challenge on the ground, it’s the country of rugby, so the Women’s World Cup will take place in October and November. , ”Beaumontois is already planning.

Women’s rugby has developed very well in France. This should continue to be the case for players who will continue in the years to come

Like the best French players, she benefits from 75% of the federal contract and is happy with the evolution of women’s rugby. “It has nothing to do with my early days,” Audrey admits. In terms of player preparation, public excitement and media follow-up, things have developed very well. This should continue to be the case for players who will continue in the years to come. “
At 30, I don’t want to think about when this dream of being “part of the older than the younger” will end. “The years I have left, I do not know, I still have a lot of fun. “

His feelings

A dish. Beef’s tongue. This is a dish that my grandmother prepared for me.

A movie. “Invictus”. I love this Clint Eastwood movie. A whole lot of people come together to say thank you for a sport and especially rugby.

A song. “To Our Memories”. This song from Group 3 gourmet cafes brings back a lot of memories.

A sport. Rugby is obvious. It was basically a dream to play at the best level and in the end, I was able to achieve it.

An athlete. Teddy Rainer. Is an example. He will always seek the standard of his need as much as possible. His career and status speak for him.

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