2022: A look back on the past 12 months of video gaming

As far as video gaming is concerned, 2022 was a memorable year, and the past 12 months saw some of the hottest games hit the market to delight gaming enthusiasts.

There was a constant stream of both new titles and remasters rolling off the production line, and they were certainly very impressive.

Indeed, there were so many eye-catching titles that it seems almost daunting trying to draw up a shortlist of the ones that generated a lot of attention.

Anyway, we have managed to do so, so let’s look back on four of the most popular games, predominantly remasters, that defined 2022 for video gaming.

Street Fighter V

The legendary fighting franchise that is Street Fighter V is certainly alive and kicking, and it was a triumph in 2022. With new game mode additions weaved in as well as various updated in-game challenges, this proved to be a hit with its loyal legion of fans.

In many respects, Street Fighter V has helped to ensure the game franchise remains one of those classic titles for players to enjoy. Street Fighter always garners huge attention, and it has even moved seamlessly into the world of casinos. With its popularity, Street Fighter could well become a slot classic in time, in much the same way as Gonzo’s Quest, which remains relevant in 2022 and can be found at many of the most reputable casinos, such as Casumo and Fun Casino.

God of War Ragnarok

After being dormant for nearly five years, God of War was given a timely reboot that was well received. God of War raised the bar for the action video gaming genre to reach, and it continues to push the boundaries with its gameplay.

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And with the God of War Ragnarok, there is something even more intuitive about it, and that includes the upgrades made to the combat features, and it highlights the best of Norse mythology.

Gran Turismo

It had been five years since the previous release, but the return of Gran Turismo was well worth the wait. Released on PS4 and PS5, Gran Turismo is a visual treat that will have charmed motor racing aficionados. 

The current-gen version is supported by brilliant gameplay, and there have been some terrific upgrades, including the return of dynamic time and real-time weather effects like rain which make it rather immersive for players.

The Callisto Protocol

Perhaps one of the highest-profile horror games to have hit the shelves in 2022, the Callisto Protocol’s credentials need not be questioned. There are arguably a few similarities between this and Dead Space, which include the minimalistic interface as well as the mechanics.

Although there had been some staunch critics, the Callisto Protocol still has a loyal army of fans, and it will be fascinating to see if there will be any spin-offs in the future.


2022 was filled with plenty of surprises on the video gaming front, and the ones we referred to in this guide are just a few highlights. Nevertheless, it was a year to remember, and it sets things up nicely for 2023. It will just be a case of watching this space to see what happens.

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