French knowledge is golden in anime cinema as in video games

French knowledge is golden in anime cinema as in video games

When it comes to video games and animation, the quality of France’s training and production is internationally recognized. An asset for students and young graduates in the field, being able to work overseas or abroad.

French knowledge is in high demand in the field of video games and animated films. France is the third largest producer of animation in the world, behind the United States and Japan. The French company Ubisoft is known worldwide for its video games.

“France has a long tradition of graphic art. Animated movie “There was already a presence there, with local production and the establishment of major foreign studios,” emphasizes Julian Meesters, Vice President and Creative Manager of Micros Animation, a brand of Technicolor Creative Studios. On the video game side, “French studios and publishers are recognized for their knowledge” Since the 1980s, the government site We Public reminds us.

Many productions and studios

Economic situation is also favorable. “CNC (National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image) finances many productions, films and series”says Stefan Andre, Managing Director ofThe Rubik’s SchoolIt trains in 2D and 3D animation and video games.

Camille, a graduateEmil Cole SchoolWho likes The goblins Or Rubica, one of the most famous in France when it comes to animation, these versatile productions allow animators to gain “experience faster” than in other countries. “In Italy, for example, there are few schools and productions, so artists teach themselves; they come to France very quickly,” she says.

Francois, 27, won the prize for best student video game at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco for the real-time adventure in March along with 11 Rubik’s classmates. According to him, video games The French Conspiracy. “We have the studios that make the country famous: Arcane, Ubisoft, the independents…” According to a study by the Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers, video games “will represent 5.65 billion euros in France in 2021”.

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Famous schools in the field of animation film and video games

Authentic and vintage looks are added to this industrial fabric. “Unlike Asians and Americans who train highly skilled students in three years (in lighting, for example), We make generalists with one or two specialties in five years“, Stéphane Andre advances.

In animation, according to Julian Meesters, this “talent pool” fosters diverse knowledge, “the ability to adapt to different styles”. “It’s fun for customers who can do a lot with us.”

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Possibility of working abroad or abroad

When leaving studies, young artists can work abroad or in French studios on foreign productions. Micros animation is now working Tiger’s Apprentice Pour Paramount, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory With Netflix… projects “mainly coming from the United States, France and England” are associated with Julian Meesters.

However, professional integration depends on schools and profiles. In the video game, “some are in high demand as ‘technical artists’, others less, because there are many people in design”, François emphasizes. Remembering that access to work was not easy, Camille now works in 2D at Cartoon Salon Studio in Ireland, especially in series. “In the anime movieAbout half of our graduates go to Canada, England and a little bit to the United States”, concludes the director of Rubica. “In video games, about 40%, especially in Canada”.

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