Zoom in for Android and Desktop: How News Works


The Zoom team is gearing up to bring more updates to Android and desktop. Here’s what’s new and how it works

Zoom (screenshot YouTube)

Concerning Android devices, With the update, introduced a final call bell. So this is an acoustic signal that appears when the call ends abruptly. This can happen because of a possible connection jump or because the person you are talking to is closing the connection.

Also, an improvementCloud integration For contacts in chats and calls. For webinars and meetings, some features will be implemented, including hand show management or feedback and support for text messages.

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Zoom updates and delivers great news

Zoom in
Zoom Nowit Android e Desktop (Pixby)

Last but not least, all the activities related to its scope Security. As for Desktop version, Already listed and made other updates. The Team Apple is going to provide further performance support for silicon processors contained in a special installer in the Apple Download Center. Additionally, Zoom Phone has the ability to configure the survey report available during the live session and to launch a specific application or URL when a call is received.

The team is really waiting for Apple to access these updates. From the word rest to information, the team is still working to expand the services offered. He also wants to throw himself inside Other areasSuch as mail clients and calendars. Everyone wants to start a competition with the services offered by Google and Microsoft.

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There is talk of a web-based e-mail service. The exam can start as early as next year. With all the offers in store, the way forward will really be open to competition. The second sees the great monsters Google e Microsoft, Currently dominating the web.

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