Zoom Bomb, son of George Clooney, interviewed for his GQ video

IF / Phil Lewis

‘Money Monster’ actor sits with writer-writer Sachs Baron after the publication unveiled the 2020 Icon of the Year award when three-year-old Alexander interrupted.

George ClooneyDuring an interview, his three-year-old son Zoom detonated a bomb.

Appearing on the cover of the new issue of GQ after the publication’s 2020 Icon of the Year award, the actor sat down with writer Sachs Barron for a profile piece and discussed how his life had changed after meeting his wife Amal.

While a husband and father are talking openly about the life of twins, the Oscar-winning little boy interrupts the seat.

“Oh, hey, here’s Alexander. Here’s my son. Come here! Say hi! Say hello! ‘Hi, Sach!’ “Proud Daddy Clooney said during the chat. “You got chocolate on your face. Do you know that? What is it? Did you have chocolate?”

“Yes,” Alexander replied, “Yes? Did you? Hey, Alexander? Let’s see. How old are you now – 15?”

Tofu replies, “Three. Because I got my birthday.”

Clooney asked Alexander to say something in Italian.

“Molto Caldo (very warm),” Alexander said.

During the discussion, Clooney revealed that he had found his life empty before meeting Amal, a human rights activist and lawyer.

“I’ll never get married. I’m not going to have kids. I’m going to work, I ‘ve made good friends, my life is full, I’m working well,” Clooney said. ” Then everything changed. I said, ‘Oh, this is actually a big empty space.’ ”

In 2017, the couple welcomed twins Alexander and Ella.

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