Zoa virus is the target of banking apps.. Banks should be cautious

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Amid the increased use of apps for banking services, banks are warning that the ‘Sova’ virus is attacking our phones by targeting bank apps and extorting money. Certain types of gaming apps, phone speeding apps and clicking on online links indicate that this virus infiltrates smartphones.

In the name of different types of messages and offers..
Hackers send messages and WhatsApp links in the name of various offers, pretending to be from banks. If you click on them, the SOA virus will enter your phone and wreak havoc. This allows hackers to steal passwords and other login details on our banking apps. Hackers use those details to empty our bank accounts.

Banks have recently warned to be cautious about this. Sova virus not only compromises banking transactions but also collects passwords and other details of cryptocurrency wallets and sends them to hackers.

Take these precautions.
Do not click on the links in the name of offers in e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp. Apps should only be downloaded from official stores and websites like Google Playstore. Tech experts say that it is better not to install various types of gaming apps that speed up the phone and clean data. It is suggested to delete any unnecessary third party apps on the phone immediately.

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