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SenseTime is the first start-up unicorn company to be cultivated by the Hong Kong Science Park Company. This is the first time I’ve heard of SenseTime. It was CUHK’s Entrepreneurship Day 2018. SenseTime’s CEO Dr. Xu Li used it for 25 minutes. Explain the keynote address, “AI Development: The Future Is Here, It Looks Dull”. During the inauguration, Dr. Xu talked about the founding story of Shangthang. That day he and several PhD students from the School of Engineering found a business and management school running an entrepreneurship planning competition on campus. Everyone wanted to challenge themselves, so they signed up to accept “cross-college” Is the prequel to the birth of Shanghatang.

Su Li’s study at a Chinese university focuses primarily on artificial intelligence technology in computer recognition. Here comes a very romantic past. CUHK alumni know that our date palms are very popular, they bloom in March and April every year, the whole campus is red. To prevent his wife from getting upset, Su Li began to look at how to fill this gap with new technology, which later became the subject of his dissertation, and he later became an expert in the field and led the development. Startup called Shangthang. Laughter erupted from the audience at that moment, and this cool man stirred everyone up.

Shu Li also introduced Shanghang’s face recognition technology, the first mention of the “meta universe” that Facebook is now spreading – in fact it is an AR (augmented reality technology) internet concept. He added that SenseTime’s AR technology is well-developed and can “sleeve and engage in the virtual world in the real world”. The most important feature is simplicity and simplicity. AR must have a large eye mask hardware. SenseTime’s AR technology is used only on mobile phones. This breakthrough greatly expands the mobile gaming experience.

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After three years of development, today’s Shandong is not yesterday’s Shangtong, it should be more developed and avant-garde. The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday (December 10) that the U.S. Treasury Department will blacklist SenseTime, a Chinese company that supports China’s military operations, as it leads SenseTime in face recognition technology. Another source said: “The U.S. Treasury Department has stated that SenseTime’s Shenzhen SenseTime Technology Co. Ltd.’s face recognition program can focus on identifying Uyghurs to determine their target population category.” This is the face recognition system. There is also AI technology, and why does the United States specifically address this issue when universal intelligence knows the function of the human face? There are also allegations made by the United States against Shanghai that he did not disclose the facts or the basis of the investigation.

When I was very confused, I went to the Chinese university’s social network and revisited Su Li’s speech. I found a daily experience he told me to be very interesting and informative. “Will AI kill humans?” A few years ago, this technology was not so popular. Science fiction movies and novels have been described as scaring and intimidating AI. Every time I saw her, Su Lee’s mother was worried about the AI ​​that her son had learned. , Xu Li patiently explained each time: “I have never made AI so powerful. Currently, artificial intelligence is mainly used as a tool for human-computer interaction and productivity improvement.”

Does the United States need experts to give them psychological counseling, or even doctors to treat its increasingly serious “delusional torture”? In general, we must seriously improve America.

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