Zebrey, Manfredic Money Red, Co-OA Sport in Belfast

Zebrey, Manfredic Money Red, Co-OA Sport in Belfast

The failure of the federal deduction to tax Marco Manfredi just before the break; Ulster runs away in the second half Wins and bonuses in the 16th round of the Guinness Pro 14.

The visiting team started well and moved to the half of the home team taking advantage of some uncertainties in Ulster. However, a hold is sterile and the first few minutes pass without great emotion. Thus grows the Northern Irish team, which wins a dangerous touch off near the Juventus goal line at 12 ‘. I.S. The first lunch comes with a goal signed by John Andrew 7-0. Zebras respond and 16 ‘Pollo Peseto shortens from the pitch.

Continue to move the home team forward, and after a long stay at Zebras’ goal line on the 25th, a scream comes in favor of Ulster. He defends the visiting team at his best, but again makes a mistake, but Ulster is ahead in the following action, and nothing happens. Zebras ‘best defense despite the hosts’ insistence on 22 guests. The stolen ball and long kick move the center of gravity to the other side in the 32nd minute and the Irish make a mistake and contact Zebre. However, this time it was the guests who missed the Oval a step away from the mark. At 35, Marco Manfredi scrambled a slightly broken kick from the half and the referee – very financially – kicked him out.. Black and white dams in decay will not last long Michael Lori made a quick stop in the 39th minute to end the first half 14-3.

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The music does not change at the beginning of the shoot In the 43rd minute, Robert Baluka took the lead and broke the deadlock Ulster ran away 21-3. I.S. At 45 the bonus target reaches the Northern Irish, a beautiful action from their half, ending with Jordy Murphy recognizing Breaking between posts. Bradley’s team tries to fight back, but fails as they move closer to the goal area. I.S. Ulster struck again in the 61st minute, beating Northern Irishman Murphy again 35-3 above the goal line. Now the rest is waste time, but that should be enough Little E. Roberts mats Solving The final score was 49-3.

Photo: Alessio Tarpini – LPS

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